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Home Tips What Are the Most Common Applications of Silicone Rubber?

What Are the Most Common Applications of Silicone Rubber?

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Many of the products and appliances that help us maintain our modern lifestyle incorporates durable and sturdy rubber in some form or the other. Silicone is considered the best rubber material due to its exceptional properties. These include good thermal conductivity, excellent non-adhesive characteristics, high tear strength, low chemical reactivity, better electrical insulation, and excellent heat resistance.

Even prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain does not alter the physical properties of silicone rubber. Generally, a silicone distributor caters to varied industries because of the versatile nature of this material. You will often see silicone rubber serve many purposes in your daily life since it is available in different colors, and its degree of hardness also varies.

Here are some of its most common applications:


Kitchen Accessories

bakeware silicone products

Bakeware, when made from flexible silicone rubber, is not just easy to use but also does not interfere with the flavors of the food. Moreover, it can withstand being exposed to varying degrees of temperature while in the freezer or the oven. Silicone products are convenient to clean and retain their shape even when washed in the dishwasher.

The market is flooded with silicone spatulas, baking mats, trays, and molds of all shapes and sizes as this material is non-toxic and resistant to cooking fats. Non-stick cookware made using a silicone coating also dramatically enhances your cooking experience. Food containers made with silicone rubber are considered food safe and ideal for storage purposes.

Sporting Gear

Silicone rubber parts feel pleasant to the touch and do not irritate the skin. They are widely used to manufacture snorkels, mouthpieces for sportspersons, and swimming goggles. Their durability and transparency add to their overall appeal and functionality.


Personal and Household Care

The silicone rubber mixture in fluid form is an essential ingredient in manufacturing hair care products, skin lotions, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, and shaving creams. It is even added to fabric treatments and laundry detergents for its softening properties.

When incorporated in household polishes and cleaners, the silicone present does not chemically react with the surfaces you apply it on. On the contrary, it only results in enhancing the sheen of your countertops and floors.

Electrical Usage

silicone rubber

Shielding properties of silicone rubber help protect electronic components from wear and tear caused by rust, impurities, moisture, and heat. That is why it is widely used in the manufacture of keyboards, fax machines, telephones, home entertainment systems, and lighting applications.

Besides, electrical insulating tapes, lubricants, adhesives, optical fiber, and circuit board coatings all contain silicone rubber. No wonder, a silicone distributor is much in demand nowadays.


Healthcare Purposes

Medical and infant care products made from silicone rubber conform to the highest quality standards as they are convenient to sterilize and resistant to bacteria. Whether used internally, externally, or intravenously, silicone does not trigger allergic reactions, and neither acts as a body irritant.

Silicone rubber is used to produce catheters, masks, medical instruments, respiratory equipment, and baby bottle nipples, among other things owing to its excellent biocompatibility.

As you must have gathered by now, it is worth investing in products made from genuine silicone rubber rather than those containing its cheaper substitutes.

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