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Understanding why sports betting is on the rise in India

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Sports betting is a highly exciting activity that is gaining a lot of popularity in India, as well as in the rest of the world. In general, India is a country full of sports fans. They love disciplines such as football, basketball, but most of all, cricket. Considering that more than a billion people live in this country, it is no wonder that many bookmakers have found fertile soil in this land. Right now there are literally tens of millions of users from this part of the world regularly using these kinds of platforms. Many people would credit the success to mobile platforms, such as the Parimatch app. However, there are many other things to highlight about these portals.

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However, this number of users is not static, in fact, it has been having a healthy rise during recent months and years. This means that bookmakers in general are fighting fiercely one another in order to gain as many new punters as possible. There are a few reasons that explain the rise of these kinds of platforms, which will be discussed in more detail throughout this article. They include things like:

  • Increased competition between bookmakers. As in most industries, competition tends to improve the services that companies offer. In the case of the sports betting companies, in order to get as many new clients as possible, they are offering more sports, more events, better services, better odds, among other things.
  • Better accessibility in desktop websites and mobile applications. Another aspect that these platforms have been improving greatly during recent years are their mobile platforms. Right now more people are accessing these portals from mobile gadgets rather than from desktop websites. Nevertheless, all portals are undergoing big efforts in constantly improving all their access platforms.
  • Aggressive advertising campaigns. At this stage, most people have seen advertisements of bookmakers in many places, meaning that they are familiar with a few names of those companies. As it is the case with most advertising campaigns, it has managed to attract new people to this kind of activity!

These reasons apply to people in India but also in the rest of the world. It is also important to mention that many people have obtained some great prizes worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by using these kinds of platforms. This might be another great reason for encouraging people to sign up for these sites and start enjoying the possibilities that they offer.

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Every person will be able to find a great platform that will suit their needs

Aggressive advertising campaigns

Different people are fans of different sports. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. Quite the contrary. Currently there are sportsbooks that focus on different disciplines. For example, there are lots of places that are focused on football, as it is the most popular sport in India and the rest of the world.

However, despite the popularity enjoyed by football, it is not the only sport that people like and care about. Many other platforms have appeared recently to cater to other tastes. For example, during recent years many portals have followed the growing trend that eSports enjoy. They have started to offer many services related to this exciting and relatively new discipline.

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Obviously, there are other platforms that are more general. In other words, they are excellent for those who love any kind of sport and want to try new and exciting winning options. As it was already said, everybody will be able to find a platform that suits their needs in the best possible manner.

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