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Top four team building activities!

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The ultimate aim of team building activities is to empower each and every person in your team! They should be prepared to achieve a common goal without much confusion or disinterest. Teams play an integral role in the success of any organization. After all, employees who cannot work in teams will not be able to showcase their strengths and power the organization as a whole.

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In any company, the role of team building activities would be:

  • Boost productivity level
  • Encourage individuals to stay creative
  • Reinforcement with positive energy
  • Boost quality of work
  • Better levels of job satisfaction
  • Spread good morals and motivate teams.

Smart team building activities for teams

#1 blind drawing

This is a team building activity that needs two players for every round. The game lasts for 4 to 5 minutes. In this activity, one player needs to be given a word or object. And, the person who doesn’t know the word/object needs to guess it. Clues can be given in the form of actions, or drawn objects.

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The objective of this activity is to understand if both players can communicate as effectively as possible. Also, they need to be innovative and imaginative!

#2 scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt team building activity

This team building activity doesn’t need any tool. The activity can last from 2 to 3 hours. As suggested by its name, this game needs two or more teams. Where each team will receive clues – that would direct them to hidden treasures. The first team to uncover all the treasures would win!

The objective of this team building activity is to evaluate problem-solving capabilities. And the ability to make smart decisions.

#3 truth or lie!

Truth or Lie is one of the most commonly played team building activities. Any number of employees can take part in this team activity. What you need for playing this game would be pen and paper. And, the game can last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. To begin the game, players need to introduce themselves and their roles. Then, they need to write down 2 truths and a single lie. Once the participants have completed introducing and writing, their statements need to be judge as truthful or fake!

This is an icebreaker game. In this team building game, players will be able to understand more about their colleagues through fulfilled ways.

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Mannequin challenge

The last item in team building activities is the mannequin challenge. This involves 6 to 8 players. And, the activity involves asking teams to make mannequin styled videos or pictures. Most teams consider this as a trendy activity that judges the teamwork, creativity, and communicational abilities of team players.

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