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Top 7 Cheapest Private Jet Charters

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If you would like to know how to fly on a private jet for cheap, consider that the jet’s model and capacity, as well as the mileage between destinations, are all important facts that will decide the price of the flight. Cheap private jet charters are now more available among average people who nowadays decide to fly private rather than take a commercial flight. It seems to sound unrealistic, however, the prices of private flights continue to drop, making them rivals to first and business class on commercial flights. Private jet companies offer not only luxury and comfort but also a wide range of places to pick from for your next trip, ranging from a cheap private jet to Miami to the world’s smallest airports.

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 1. Villiers Jets

This company offers cheap private jet rental, and you can save money by renting out any extra space to other club members. It owns a huge amount of jets in its fleet, that can take you anywhere in the world. To get from New York to New Orleans in less than three hours will cost from $8,944 for a jet with eight seats, and $34,523 for a ten-seated one.

 2. Private Jet Finder

Private Jet Finder works with 5000 airports on all continents and is known for its low-cost flights while still providing you with great service and customer support that works 24/7 in order to help you book a private jet for cheap. From New York to New Orleans the flight price for 5-9 people costs around $14,100, for 6-10 people begins at $20,000 and for 8-18 people it would cost around $30,600.

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 3. Fast Private Jet

This corporation was founded by teams of aviation experts with many years of experience, and it provides some of the best prices while offering outstanding service to its clients. Their customer service is open 24/7 and willing to assist you in finding the perfect air taxi to match your needs. From New York to New Orleans the light jet for six people costs around €19,900, and the midsized one that can accommodate eight passengers will cost around €21,900.

4. Surf Air

This charter company offers you a membership program that allows you to fly privately for a small price. What is great about this company is that it doesn’t waste your time since it is okay for you to arrive only 15 minutes before the flight, making it very flexible and easy to fit into your schedule. Offering a variety of membership types with the cheapest one costing $199 a month, there is something to choose from for everyone’s pocket.

5. Wheels Up

Wheels Up are considered to be the largest corporation in the industry, offering three membership types: connect, core, and business with the cost ranging from $2995 to $29,500, and after a year the costs are reduced to $2495 and $14500. They allow their members to choose from over  1500 jets, and the ones proceeding with payments with their American Express platinum cards can get up to a 40% discount on membership as well as other benefits. Connect members have benefits like hot flights, which allow you to book reduced empty leg flights for $320 each jet making it very affordable, members can also attend private events like exclusive parties and hospitality homes and they are also able to fly by the seat.

 6. Lucky Jets

This private jet charter service is known for providing private flights to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas. They can accommodate all group sizes up to 400 people, and can also provide you with the full after-flight service like ground transportation and luggage to room delivery. Its mission is to deliver low-cost private jet charter services that can improve any type of travel. From personal to business ones.

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7. Linear Air

This company is known as an air taxi for regional travels of 700-800 miles apart that helps you use your time efficiently and get to your desired destination faster than you would by car. It does not own any aircraft, instead, it is partnered with different operators across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean and is a mediator between a client and a jet company. By entering a street address or a ZIP code into a simple interface, you can request departure and arrival airports of your needs. The average transaction cost for a passenger layout of three to eight seats is around $2,000.

Linear Air

With people knowing how much is a cheap private jet nowadays, private jet companies have a significant amount of travelers deciding to book a private jet cheap and experience the comfort they offer rather than going on commercial flights. The cost is very similar, however with the private jet companies, you can experience far more than on a commercial flight. Despite the pandemic, many people still prefer private jets for their safety, privacy, and comfort, propelling the private aviation business to new heights.

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