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Top 3 Reasons To Become A Novelist

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If you have always dreamed of writing, and new ideas for exciting romantic stories and adventures are born in your head every day, do not rush to leave it as a fantasy. Perhaps you will become a talented novelist and write a book that will excite the world!

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And in addition to enthusiastic comments and enamored readers, modern novelists can monetize their hobby. The TOP reasons to become a writer and start publishing your stories are below.

Freedom to do what you love

Being creative is a resource-consuming process. Therefore, working at a full-time job, there is often not enough energy for creativity. And talented people have a hard time restraining their potential.

Today’s novel industry offers many opportunities for your writers to publish stories and monetize them. By choosing this path, you will be able constantly to generate new ideas and plot twists, write short stories, place them on platforms and monetize your talent.

For example, AlphaNovel offers bonuses and royalties for writers and their content. For example, AlphaNovel offers signing and completion bonuses. The signing bonus is a reward for adding new books to our platform. The completion bonus is a reward for finishing your book.

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Ability to interact with readers

Creative people need an audience – there is no need to “write on the table” and hide your creativity from the world. And the opportunity to share your possessions with the world is not always obvious. However, for novelists and writers, everything is much simpler 🙂

Ability to interact with readers Novelist

Modern authors can freely upload their works to platforms. Platforms such as AlphaNovel allow authors to monetize their content, and readers always know who the author of their favorite book is.

In addition, social media pages allow you to interact with your readers, and the number of reads and impressions of your book on the platform is the best indicator of user engagement.

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Developing creativity

Enthusiastic writers could not help thinking about new plots and stories. But if you don`t publish, you don`t get new challenges, so your creativity could become less strong. Therefore, writing and publishing new stories all the time would make you a great author, even if you start from the very beginning.

Modern readers are looking for new stories, exciting plots and will gladly read an interesting novel by a young writer. And this means that there is no need to postpone creativity indefinitely. If you want to write and create stories, join the AlphaNovel writers, publish novels, find readers and monetize your talent.

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