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Home Tips Tips To Build A Healthy Work Relationship With Employees?

Tips To Build A Healthy Work Relationship With Employees?

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According to the Harvard Business survey, 58 percentages of the employees assert that they trust unknown people more than their boss at work.  There are many reasons that compel them to feel insecure, unconfident, and uncertain at work. The answer probably lies in the working relationship between the boss and the employees.

A good mutual work relationship between the employees and the boss creates a positive ambiance at home. But, it is a process that requires genuine involvement, effort, time, and empathy of employees and bosses.

Here are the 7 tips that will help in building a healthy work relationship with Employees:

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1. Boss-Employee Trust Relationship

The trust is the main element that forges the boss-employee relationship. The boss must delegate tasks in great detail, collaborate with the employees, and never twist the words. Whenever an employee connects with the boss, truthful words must be delivered. One of the worst things that hurt the employees is the gossiping of personal information. So, bosses must keep away from sharing personal information with others at the office. So, the boss should work, delegate, and collaborate in a disciplined manner.

2. Bridging the Communication Gap

communication of boss and employee at the workplace

Communication is the key element of the boss-employee relationship. Honest communication delivers all the needs and expectations. The interaction and communication of boss and employee at the workplace must not remain limited to the email. Weekly meetings give the chances and bosses to hear out each other, and work closely with each other.

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3.  Praise and Applaud the Employees

Work tends to make the employees feel exhausted and drained. When employees work day and night to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives, a “Thank You” and words of appreciation has the potential to lit up the mood of employees.

You must ensure the appreciation of employees in front of important position holders at the office. It is required because employees dedicate a lot of time and effort to the achievement of your company’s goals.

4. Be Friendlier and Respectable Towards the Employees

You must behave friendly and respectably for your employees. As a boss, you must listen to their opinions, share your viewpoint over their opinions, and conduct respectable sessions to plan future agendas. If you disagree with your employees, you must put your instance forward in a respectable way and disagree with them amicably. As an understanding and empathic boss, you must never neglect your employees. Without their work, the office cannot run on its own.

5. Autonomy at the Workplace

No employee likes the despotic, domineering, and arrogant boss at the workplace. Employees are hired for their hard-earned expertise and qualifications. They must be given the autonomy to utilize their intelligence, expertise, and skills at the workplace. Many types of research have been conducted that establishes that autonomy in the workplace increases job satisfaction. Thus, bosses will be enabled to work in an amicable environment.

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6. Empathy and Moral Values at the Workplace

The bosses must not convert the workplace into a wrestling ring. Bosses should not dump their anger over the employees. Empathy and moral values should rule. Whether it is an employee or the boss, both of them should act and react morally, valuing each other’s opinion and presence in the hall.

If anybody (boss or the employee) should run into trouble, a helping hand must be given to the person in need. This would create the wonders, and would efficiently build the working relationship between the employees and bosses.


With consistent efforts, the working relationship is created between boss and employee. Empathy, trust, valuing, autonomy, confidence, honesty, and integrity are some of the virtues that help in building a healthy work relationship with employees.

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