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Tips That Increase the Chances of Business Success

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Entrepreneurs know that nothing is guaranteed in business, and budding entrepreneurs need to be prepared from the beginning. Starting a business with a well-laid-out plan will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of success. Below are some tips to increase the odds of business success.

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1. Education

The best place to begin your entrepreneurial journey is getting some qualifications in business-related courses. Learning the basics of business and leadership equips you with beneficial knowledge and valuable insights on running a business. Fortunately, you can capitalize on several sources, including courses, online resources, or professional coaching on business skills from I Am Becoming.

2. Budget

Regardless of the niche, you need sufficient capital to start a business. For instance, ecommerce entrepreneurs need enough capital to create a website, online store, mobile app, and more. Physical businesses need enough capital to pay for licenses, rent their operational premises, buy equipment, and hire employees. These costs can quickly add up when coupled with the cost of stocking the business.


This is why most businesses often start with loans, but you should also budget your finances appropriately. Regardless of the amount at your disposal, make sure that business finances are handled correctly. Be careful to avoid overspending or scrimping on important things. Trying to economize on important aspects, such as marketing budgets or website budgets for ecommerce businesses, can jeopardize the entire business. Budgeting for startups basically means knowing where to channel finances and where to save.

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3. Network

Developing a network of clients and entrepreneurs can skyrocket your business. Unlike marketing, you don’t have to have a budget in order to network. Attend conferences and events, engage with your audience on social media, and comment on business leaders. Creating good interpersonal relationships with complementing business owners can also help grow your business.

4. Understand business risks and rewards

Succeeding in business requires that you take calculated risks. It is better to list down the positives and negatives of starting the business before spending time and money on the idea. Being ready for the worst-case scenario allows you to take pre-determined risks.

Understanding risks and rewards also enables you to make smart timing decisions about your business. For instance, the preceding pandemic might have created a good business opportunity for manufacturers who ventured into face mask and sanitizer production. On the other hand, opening a new restaurant during that period wasn’t a good business idea.

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5. Always stay positive

Starting a business comes with many challenges. This shouldn’t be surprising. However, constant challenges can trap you into an endless cycle of negative thoughts. Negativity in business impairs your vision, making it impossible to identify solutions. To succeed in business, you should maintain a positive mentality even when things are tough.


Experienced entrepreneurs will attest that entrepreneurship and failure go hand in hand. Data from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 20% of small businesses fail within two years and a half within five years. Fortunately, you can avoid being among these statistics by starting your business while prepared. Observing the tips mentioned above will surely increase your chances of success.

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