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Friday, July 3, 2020
Home Tips Tips on How to Improve your SEO ranking on Google

Tips on How to Improve your SEO ranking on Google

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Securing a high rank for your Google website is never easy! Money alone will be insufficient to gain a prominent google rank. Instead, you should invest in strategies that can boost the position of your website on the results page. Are you looking for absolutely free techniques on improving SEO ranking on Google? If yes, keep reading.



User Experience

One of the finest and most important ways of boosting your Google rank is through user experience. A recent study revealed that Google considers the pages per session, website visits, bounce rate and time on site to decide on your rank. When you design a website that covers all these factors, you are likely to build a successful one.

Experts reveal that websites that impress users with high-quality information are bound to enjoy more visitors than the rest. Visitors will stay much longer on your website. As a result, your rank will improve automatically.

Search Engine Optimized Content

Search Engine Optimized Content


Writing search engine optimized content could be one of the toughest parts of building a website. High-quality content is always appreciated by Google with high ranks. This is your most effective way of improving ranks and boosting traffic. More than 60% of your SEO efforts are determined by the content you write. This is why you must ensure that everything posted on your website is rich in keywords, void of mistakes and optimized. Write content to meet the requirements of your potential customers. This means you should include links to both external and internal content.

Investing in backlinks

Backlinks have always been a challenge for website developers. By definition, backlinks are links that connect your website to the rest of the internet. Google gives high priority to backlinks. However, it has strict algorithms to evaluate your backlinks too! The search engine looks for backlinks from pages that are of high authority. And, this is the trickiest part of building backlinks.

In addition to building backlinks, you must try and fix broken links. Broken links can turn customers away. It shows your carelessness! This is why you must not encourage any 404 errors on your website. Try to remove them at any cost.


Page Speed

page speed

When you want to improve your SEO ranking on Google, you should look for measures that would boost the speed of your website. Try to make your website as fast as possible. This will have a promising impact on your user experience and the search rank.

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