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HomeTipsThe Simple Guide to Writing Marketing Emails to Help Your Business Grow

The Simple Guide to Writing Marketing Emails to Help Your Business Grow

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Email marketing is a highly helpful digital marketing strategy for converting leads into customers and turning one-time buyers into loyal fans. Some statistics show that individuals that buy products marketed through email usually spend 138% more than those who do not get email offers. 

Moreover, the average order value of an email is approximately 3 times higher than that of social media. It is considered the number 1 communication channel because nearly 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. 

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In addition, when using email marketing, you have your own email list of leads that no one can take away from you. On the contrary, while relying on social media platforms, your account along with all your leads can be suspended or deleted at any time.

If now you are convinced that email is the best way to make sales online, you should learn how to write marketing emails in the right way. 

Obviously, writing a marketing email is a bit different from a regular one because you are not just sharing information but trying to drive engagement that must support your business in a certain way. With the help of a marketing email, you are trying to drive action without being excessively pushy and turning your subscribers off.

To help your business grow, use the following recommendations for writing marketing emails.

writing marketing emails

1. Make it Personal

If you had a face-to-face conversation with a customer, what would that experience be like? To make the content engaging, you should create the feeling in your readers like you’re speaking directly to them.

2. Write a Clear Subject Line

First of all, your subject line must be true to the content of your email. It should reflect what the reader sees when they open the email. Typically, the subject line is formatted with darker heavier text on most devices, so it stands out among the other details of the email. Describe the big benefit of your lead magnet in the subject line, so it will increase open rates. But don’t make it too long, try to keep it under 30 characters to ensure that it appears in full on both desktop and mobile devices. 

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3. Benefit From a Preheader

In order to inspire the reader to open your email, take advantage of the preheader text. It is like a second subject line that gives you an additional chance to increase open rates. A preheader represents itself a short summary text which is a critical component your subscribers use to decide whether or not they will read an email. Hence, it must sound compelling enough. 

As the preheader text appears just next to the subject line, these two need to work together. They must tell a cohesive story, rather than look as two separate parts of your letter. You can use a subject line and a preheader text to make the email more appealing to a wider number of recipients and increase the chance they will click-through.

4. Keep the Body Concise

The best emails are easy to read. They must be concise and have a clear focus. Your content should be designed in a way that can encourage readers to take a single action.

Once you’ve created a subject line and preheader text that inspired a recipient to open the email, it’s time to focus on quality body content that can improve click-through rates. Driving people to purchase is not about using any particular magic words in your email, but about getting your target audience to understand the benefits of your offer in the simplest way possible. 

Therefore, remove any information that veers from the action you want the recipients to take. Anything that is not helping an individual take the wanted action is considered a distraction. Avoid jargon or buzzwords in order to make it crystal clear what the offered product does and what the benefits are for users.

5. Add Buttons

The final step of creating a marketing email is adding buttons that ensure clicks from your digital campaign and website visits. To reduce perceived barriers, you should remove so-called friction words like download, apply, order, or submit. Instead, use words that describe the end benefit from clicking the button, they may be get, learn, and so on. 

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6. Use Attractive Visuals

Include images that support your email message. Use visuals of high quality that are not violating any copyright laws. To get appropriate images, you can hire a graphic designer, a photographer, or use an image service like Shutterstock or Getty Images. Choose those that look good on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

7. Avoid Spammy Words

The spam filter may take all of your hard work done for writing an email. To evade it, you should refrain from the overuse of any spam-friendly words, such as buy or free. Spam filters may pick them up and assume that your email is spam.

As you see, the most efficient marketing emails have a clear focus, authentic tone, and offer only helpful information. But even if you’ve created an excellent email using our guide, don’t think that only one email can do all the job. The truth is people are usually busy with their own priorities, so they can be easily distracted from taking actions. 

Hence, plan on sending more than one email and create an email marketing calendar that includes a short series of three emails: an announcement, a reminder, and the last chance. This way, your email marketing campaign will be extremely successful. 

Be sure that email marketing is the most direct way of connecting with leads which can effectively turn them into customers and boost their loyalty. 

About the author

Alan Walker is a writer, blogger and tutor. He helps students improve their knowledge in marketing, creative writing and blogging. Currently, Alan runs a blog and review site named Stressays where he publishes reviews of essay writing services and effective study tips.

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