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The Player With The Best CT Rating At IEM Cologne: Group Stage

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The IEM Cologne 2022 began on July 5 with the Play-In stage, and it already knows the six teams that have advanced towards the Playoffs. The Group stage has had great moments, such as the comeback of Team Liquid or the surprise of Movistar Riders.

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Moreover, IEM Cologne is showing us a new star beyond all the international AWPers like s1mple, ZywOo, broky, or sh1ro. Specifically that of Álvaro “SunPayus” García, a Movistar Riders’ player. This Latvian shooter has managed to stand out above the rest and thanks to csgo game tracker we know that he has achieved the highest rating from the CT side.

SunPayus is One of the Sensations of the Event

Álvaro “SunPayus” García is the player with the best CT rating of the IEM Cologne Group phase thanks to a total of 1.47. The 23-year-old AWPer has been one of the pillars of the tournament so far. After analyzing his way in this event, it is no wonder.

The team from Madrid passed the qualifier of the tournament thanks to a 16-13 and resounding 2-0 in which they beat MIBR and Team Vitality, respectively. But the Spanish quintet increased its importance by getting a place in the Playoffs after defeating MIBR, Vitality twice, and G2 Esports in the upper bracket. The last match was against NaVi, and the riders have managed to secure a place in the Quarterfinals after standing up to the Ukrainian team of s1mple, a big favorite that always opts to the maximum.

In all these meetings, the entire five players have shown an outstanding level, which is why the great feat of entering the Quarterfinals. However, and without taking away any merit from any colleague, Álvaro’s performance has penetrated enormously into the international scene.

Profile on the Server

You can see the Spanish AWPer in different rankings on the server, something that shows a good work both collectively and individually. The dynamism and versatility within each game allows him to stand out with other players who have a similar role, such as ZywOo or S1mple.

Aside from being the first player as CT, Álvaro led the ranking of initial deaths with 63%. SunPayus’ consistency within the server serves as an improvement to what Movistar Riders was showing so far.

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Current Statistics

From the Group stage of IEM Cologne, it has been possible to see a confident game of Álvaro “SunPayus” García at all times. All you need to do is check individual and collective statistics during the tournament. According to hltv, he garnered very good statistics, as follows:

  • +26 and 1.56 rating in the first match against Vitality.
  • +21 and 1.41 against G2 Esports.
  • +18 and 1.34 against Natus Vincere.

SunPayus Managed to Surpass the S1mple’s CT Side

Despite the defeat against NaVi in the upper bracket, SunPayus has demonstrated his enormous level with the AWP, surpassing none other than s1mple, who stood out enormously in recent matches. The defensive side of Movistar Riders has been one of the causes of these victories, with SunPayus as its main protagonist.


Other Top Players at the Event

As we have said earlier, the Spanish AWPer proves to be one of the great positive surprises of the tournament with the highest CT-side rating at IEM Cologne so far. Currently, he is being accompanied by the biggest stars in the CS:GO scene, as seen below:

  1. SunPayus:47 rating
  2. s1mple:42 rating
  3. rain:40 rating
  4. blameF:39 rating
  5. EliGE:32 rating

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Does the Spanish Player Continue to Make History?

The Spanish shooter is at the best moment of his career, and he occupies a large part of the media spotlight of IEM Cologne both in international broadcasting and on social networks. Almost all renowned eSports analytics have already mentioned the importance of Álvaro during the event. However, with everyone watching the server and the result, SunPayus needs to continue to show his excellent performance in the Playoff stage.

Movistar Riders will debut against Team Liquid this Friday at the Lanxess Arena for a place in the Semifinals. Both teams go as underdogs for this matchup. It should be a hard time for the North American team if the Spaniards continue making history and show their games of recent weeks.

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