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The Five Best Design Features For An About Us Page

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About us pages are the window to a business’s soul. They’re a page which can ultimately tell a potential customer whether to use you or not. It can be the difference between hundreds of leads and none at all.

Every business should have an about us page, and they are relatively simple to set up, particularly as many website builders these days will take you through it step by step, allowing you to integrate all manner of features. Take Duda as an example, they’re one of the leading website building platforms around and allow you to drop dozens of different widgets onto a page, many of which are ideal for about us sections.

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But what are the five design elements every about us page should have if you really want to sell your business?


While the text on your contact page should justify who you are, what you do, and your core vision and philosophies, we all know a picture can paint a thousand words. Therefore, the imagery you use can be hugely important on any about us page.

Most about us pages will have some form of imagery on them as standard. Sometimes they may be pen pics of members of staff, some will use stock imagery of offices, pens and other business-like items.

A good way to really showcase your business is through galleries and sliders. This will give customers a much larger flavour of your business and the personalities within it. Showing the people who work for you is always a good idea as it’ll humanize your business, while tidy and vibrant spaces will give an air of organization and happiness.

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Further to galleries you can also integrate video onto your about us page. As we’ve seen through the rise of the likes of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram more and more people are engaging with video as a first port of call, so therefore it should be used where you can on a business site.

Video can be hugely impactful on product pages, but also the about us section, particularly when it comes to putting across your brand values and the people behind the company. There are many ways you can integrate video, with introducing members of the team one of the most common. Again, similarly to photography, they can add colour and personality to your business, offering that extra human touch.


About us page design Design Features

While potential customers will want to know who you are and what you represent, they may also want to know where you are. Within the text this is regularly done, stating where a company was founded, but if you’re a store or business where customers can physically come to see you, then integrating a map into your page can be incredibly useful.

It will help customers visualize where you are as well as make locating you easily through being able to see what is close by.

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Interactive Timeline

An about us page should highlight the history of a business, which can have a huge influence on how trustworthy a person thinks a business is. Most businesses will tell their story in written form, but in a world where people skim read more than ever, then having your history in bitesize chunks is a good method of display.

An interactive timeline is often the best way to do this, encouraging people to engage with your site as well as clearly showing the chronology of your business, its success and its growth. It’s smart, visually appealing and can highlight everything about your business simply and effectively.

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