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The Benefits of Creating an Internal Podcast for Your Company

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Ever felt the need for a more engaging and convenient way to communicate with your team? Maybe creating an internal podcast for your company is the answer!

Hopping on video calls, zoom meetings, or reading long email newsletters can be overwhelming. The world is fast evolving, and people now require communication solutions they can consume while multitasking.

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Nobody wants to sit for an hour meeting when they can simply listen to an internal company podcast while doing something else.

Read on to learn more about creating an internal podcast for your company. You can also click here to understand how podcasts work.

What is an internal podcast?

The term “internal” means private, which explains the content is not for the general public but for a specified set of people – your employees or team members.

Usually in audio form, these podcast recordings can be listened to while taking a walk, hitting the gym, or any other activity, and that’s why it’s preferred. It has a higher attention span than skimming through a long newsletter email.

Since it involves spoken words, we can also say it offers emotion and a personalized conversational feel. Imagine it as “virtually whispering in the listener’s ear.”

Therefore, an internal podcast is a collection of audio recordings available to only a restricted audience, like team members and employees, that can be downloaded or listened to online.

When do companies consider creating internal podcasts?

When do companies consider creating internal podcasts

There are different scenarios or reasons to consider creating a podcast platform for your company.

Employees training & development: Create educational audio content on your employees’ necessary skill sets as podcasts that are easily accessible to them from anywhere.

Communicate changes in the management team: A private podcast updates every team member and keeps them informed of the current working situations and managerial changes or appointments.

Foster CEO-Employee connections: Creating an internal podcast for your company bridges communication gaps due to busy schedules or remote working. It even encourages contributions from all team members.

Employee onboarding: Simplify your employee onboarding by making a podcast that captures essential details for every new hire.

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Benefits of creating an internal podcast for your company

You’d probably agree that internal podcasts offer great value to your company. The previous section explains the situations to use them. But how are they better compared to other communication methods?

1. They are more engaging

According to a survey, about 65% of people listen to the whole podcast episode after downloading. Another 68% listen to all downloaded episodes. That tells one thing – Podcasts are engaging!

Sound as natural as you would have physically addressed your employees and see how closely they pay rapt attention to the podcasts. You can even add some humor to create that speaker-to-listener vibe.

Another advantage is how internal podcast platform analytics reveals who engages with your content and helps measure areas to improve.

2. They are more convenient

Imagine rounding up a long day at work, and the company newsletter email comes in. You’d probably postpone it for later, right? Then, the next day comes, and you’re too occupied. Or you simply skim through, missing the vital details.

Managers do not want that!

Rather than adding to your employees’ long list of unread emails, creating an internal company podcast would do. People appreciate the content they can listen to without suspending other activities. An audio podcast they can listen to while on the bus or taking a break is more convenient.

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3. They evaluate performance metrics

They evaluate performance metrics

An effective audio and video podcast tool provides access to essential analytical data. You get information like the most watched episodes, which helps you understand topics of increasing interest among your employees.

Asking for feedback comments after the podcasts is another way to understand the needs of team members and workers. With the right knowledge, you focus on creating an internal podcast that benefits your company.

4. They are an effective communication channel

Private podcasts serve as a medium for getting uninterrupted attention, communicating effectively, and conveying a message to a personal community. Unlike texts, audio podcast content directly communicates with the listener.

It’s great for building internal team connections and enhancing vital company policy. It also helps discuss matters that might otherwise have been difficult to explain via texts.

From the tone of your voice, emphasis can be made to convey essential information to employees. CEOs can use internal podcasts to share personal news with everyone. It is also helpful when onboarding new employees.

5. They reduce screen fatigue

The average American spends over seven hours looking at a screen every day. This can result in computer vision syndrome (CVS), leading to headaches, eye strain, or blurred vision. You’d agree that it sometimes disturbs the employees’ productivity.

While we have the 20-20-20 rule to minimize the CVS effect, creating internal podcasts can save your employee some extra minutes off the screen.

How to start an internal company podcast?

Starting an internal company podcast includes deliberating on how it improves your workforce. Use these metrics to see why your company needs a private podcast. Podcast works! But you must ensure the right method of implementation.

The next step is determining the purpose of the podcast. Create a content plan to guide your recordings. Depending on your business objectives, you might start one for educational content, newsletters, or onboarding purposes.

Proceed to record and edit or remove unwanted audio parts. Publishing should take only a few clicks before it is available to designated listeners on the podcast platform or app. You can also integrate the podcast player on your website.

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Ready to start creating internal podcast communication for your company? The benefits are many, and we hope you found this guide helpful. Private podcasting is an effective means of interacting with your workforce.

They keep your team updated and are easy to create. Besides, the increasing transition rates to remote working demand flexible communication methods.

So, what are you waiting for? Search for excellent podcast software today and start sharing team information more engaging, convenient, and effective.

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