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Home Tips The 2020 Essential Parts of a Modern Office

The 2020 Essential Parts of a Modern Office

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Every year, we say goodbye to trends and welcome new ones. Though you don’t have to overhaul the office to follow the rules imposed by design experts, it wouldn’t help to update the workplace every once in a while. Especially now that we’re starting a new decade, your office can’t be stuck in the past.



Know the essential parts you need to have in your office as we enter 2020:

A Classic Feature

This year is marked by classic blue as the Pantone color of the year. Incorporating this into your office design is one of the easiest ways to update the workplace. You don’t even have to buy the trendiest and newest furniture. Being a classic shade, this color can be available in used office furniture from Salt Lake City suppliers. If you can’t find the exact shade, you can always go with the closest. It’s definitely worth the price if you buy second-hand from a reputable source.

Plants and Greens

Plants and Greens in the office

The jury is still out on whether the open layout should go this decade, but regardless of the floor plan you follow, you can still benefit from indoor plants and other pops of green in the office. This is a color known to be relaxing and invigorating to the senses, and it can also be associated with prosperity. Allowing each employee to keep a small potted plant on their desk also benefits everyone. Don’t want to deal with the daily watering of growing plants? Even artificial plants can be better than nothing. For those with a little more budget to spare, a living wall would be the best option. Plus, it’s perfect as a backdrop to photos taken in the office!


Welcoming Signage

Your office can quickly become the most hated place of your employees if they are greeted by dull, lifeless walls every day. This can be changed with the addition of a welcoming sign, or perhaps an uplifting message displayed on the wall people immediately see when they come in. This also makes the workplace inviting to applicants and investors, which will improve their impression of your company. 2020 is the perfect time to update your logo and make some subtle but modern changes to shake off the old and stagnant vibe that has been associated with you from the last decade.

A Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

This might be old school, but don’t dismiss the power of an old-fashioned suggestion box just yet. In an era of Google Forms and Spreadsheets, employees sadly don’t feel like they can be sincere when leaving feedback for company improvements. These forms can be tracked, and often, companies make it mandatory for employees to leave their names on their submissions. All of these hassles are not present in an old-school suggestion box, where anyone can leave an anonymous comment to mention their ideas without worrying that these will lead to fair treatment.


As you move forward in this new decade, don’t forget to look back. Continue doing the things that have worked in the past, and improve your company’s weaknesses.

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