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Strong Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Accepting International Payments

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Are you considering taking your business global? While the idea of promoting your product and services internationally can sound daunting, and images of international travel, getting to grips with new audiences and translating your company message into one that resonates with other parts of the world are keeping you awake at night, in reality, operating your business internationally doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might fear.

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can launch your business on the global stage, by accepting international payments and targeting your overseas markets, effortlessly. The benefits of accepting international payments are extensive, and you can benefit from them easily, simply by integrating an international payment processor into your website. From securely accepting credit cards to worldwide SMS payments, electronic cash and more, the global market is at your fingertips.

Want to know more? In this post, we’ll examine some strong reasons why your website should be accepting international payments.

More Sales

It sounds obvious, but an increase in sales and revenue is vital for your business growth and your bottom line. When you offer your products and services to an international audience, you’re casting your net further, which means more potential sales and wider target audience than before.

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A Better Customer Experience

Whether you have international customers who are shopping on your site for the first time and are overjoyed at your ability to process international payments, or you have a regular customer who is currently overseas and needs to make a repeat order, by offering international payments, you’re enhancing the customer experience and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

There’s nothing more frustrating for your site visitors when they reach the payment process, only to find that their international payments are no good. It’s also a huge headache for eCommerce sites, who have to deal with high volumes of cart abandonment. By offering international payments, you can quickly cure both these problems, increase your revenue and encourage international customers to return.

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Higher Levels of Security

Higher Levels of Security International Payments

Accepting international payments in a variety of currencies is one thing, however if your international audience has concerns over the security of your site, then you’ll only drive them away to your competitors sites instead. By integrating international payment processor into your website, you’ll be able to provide your global clients with total peace of mind, handle transactions securely and actively encourage clients to return.

You Can Provide Multi-Currency Options

Building trust amongst your international audience is essential for growth and success, unfortunately, competition is fierce, which means eCommerce sites like yours, need to find ways to build trust and transparency within their target audience to drive sales and increase trust with your brand. With an international payment processor, you’ll be able to provide multiple currency options, a feature that makes you appear much more credible and trustworthy to your site visitors.

Final Thoughts…

The ability to accept international payments can take your business global and help you break into new markets on an international scale. 

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