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Snappic – Setting Up Your Own 360 Photobooth Business

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Setting Up Your Own 360° Photobooth Business

Whether you want to have a photobooth business that caters for weddings, parties and social gatherings or one that operates at the often more lucrative corporate end of the market, such enterprises can become scaleable money-spinners. Typically, photobooth business owners start off small, perhaps operating with just one DSLR camera or tablet. However, they can soon find that they have too many bookings coinciding with one another so they have to upscale with more kit and even taking on an employee or two.

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If you are ambitious and want to grow your business rapidly, then a photobooth-based enterprise is likely to be a good choice – even more so if you opt for 360° photobooth technology. Why invest in the additional equipment that will be needed to offer 360° imagery from the outset?

Why Run a 360° Photo booth at Your Event Bookings?

To begin with, 360° photo booth technology isn’t that expensive given what it offers. To be clear, when you have a moving boom arm that sweeps your camera or tablet around the subject in a smooth circular motion, you won’t just generate more original images from your photobooth but your entire business operation will go to the next level. Why? Because when people notice a 360° photobooth in operation they see something that is immediately eye-catching even before they look at the moving images it can create.

In short, you will make much more of a splash at corporate events like product launches when you introduce this sort of technology into the mix. The same goes for private events, too, of course. If someone is weighing up whether to hire your services for their party and you have a 360° photobooth when your competitor does not, then you are much more likely to win the business.

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What Commercial Benefits do 360° Photobooths Afford?

According to one of the leading suppliers of 360°-compatible photobooth software, Snappic, there are many sound business reasons to invest in this technology. Firstly, it generates sweeping mini-movies that are much more shareable on social media than stills. By having images created on your system shared more widely, it is possible to gain greater outreach and win new customers.

What Commercial Benefits do 360° Photobooths Afford Snappic

Equally, using 360° tech to create hash-taggable moments is just what marketing executives are after nowadays. If you can offer your corporate clients this, then they will be more likely to come back for repeat business at more and more of their events. This is especially so among brands that are associated with technology or for trending among savvy consumers.

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Why Is Software Crucial With 360° Photobooth Business Models?

360° photobooths only really work effectively when the user is in control. By allowing them to synchronize the moving arm of the booth and their chosen time to get the best shot, you will encourage more people to take up the offer. Only software systems that provide such synchronization and user-friendliness should be considered. Skimping or failing to do your research in this area will mean you end up producing second-rate images/videos and low-quality user experiences.

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