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Pixel 6a Vs Iphone SE: Which Is The Better Cut-price Smartphone For Business Use?

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As Reuters recently warned, the world’s top finance chiefs have been “loud and clear” with their message that “rampant inflation is here to stay and taming it will take an extraordinary effort”.

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So, if you are a businessperson in need of a new smartphone, you might be tempted to go for one of the ‘budget’ options rather than a flagship model. Google’s Pixel 6a and Apple’s latest iPhone SE are both priced below $450 — but which of them would most warrant your attention?

Which one looks better?

Yes, a phone’s appearance might initially seem like a somewhat shallow concern — but, when you are whipping out that phone in front of a client, you want to make a good impression on them.

With its glass back and 4.7-inch LCD display, the iPhone SE harkens back to 2017’s iPhone 8 and looks dated as a result. The Pixel 6a comes across as much more modern, with its rear camera bar and 6.1-inch screen, but could consequently also be more eagerly targeted by thieves.

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Which one has the better battery life?

When out and about on business trips, you can’t always be certain when you will next be able to recharge your handset. It’s reassuring, then, that the 2022 model of the iPhone SE “gets nearly a full day of use before its battery conks out”, according to Digital Trends.

Which one has the better battery life

Conversely, the same source describes the Pixel 6a’s battery life as “mediocre” — as, in real-world testing, it sometimes only managed to last about five hours.

Which one will get software support for longer?

This is a crucial question because, when the manufacturer of a phone feeds it a steady supply of software updates, it can take quite a while before the device feels truly ‘old’.

Then there are the security implications. While the Pixel 6a is in line for three years of major OS upgrades along with five years of security updates, the latest iPhone SE could end up bettering it on both fronts, as some iPhones have received software updates for as long as seven years.

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Which one offers the better online connectivity?

While 5G is available on both phones, the Pixel 6a does have the edge here, as the iPhone SE lacks support for mmWave-based 5G.

Still, the quality of any online connectivity you get with a phone can depend on not just the hardware but also the mobile network you use. You can expect especially good results if you opt for a business-only mobile network like Gamma Mobile — which, yes, offers 5G.

Which one will work best with your existing corporate tech? 

Business News Daily insists: “The deciding factors between iOS and Android devices for business are a user’s preference and investment in the broader Apple or Google ecosystem.”

So, while the SE would be the straightforward choice if your work usually ties you to Apple hardware and services, the Pixel 6a can make more sense if your corporate responsibilities predominantly rely on the use of Google solutions, like Google Docs and Google Drive, instead.

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