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New Manager Training: 4 New Manager Training Topics to Empower Your Managers

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Enhanced employee performance is of paramount importance for the survival and success of any business. It is important to train you new managers in several areas to ensure they lead their team to sure success. But the question is how to get your new managers trained properly?

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Significance of Manager Training

It is important for all new managers to be well trained so that they can become better. They need to be groomed as leaders. They need to develop special skills like ‘decision making’, ‘team building’, ‘delegation’ and ‘communication’. Moreover, overall team performance depends mainly on the manager. They tend to account for about 70% of employment engagement score variance across diverse business units.

Need to select the best candidate for the job

Training new managers is vital since not everyone has the essential qualities to become highly efficient managers. This is more so when starting out new. It is just one out of ten candidates who possess talent to manage others. There are times when organizations rush to select the wrong candidate for manager roles. Only professional training will help address this issue and help develop Situational leadership.

4 Effective Training Topics To Cover

1. Build Trust:

Trust is indeed a vital concept that new managers should learn. But how to define trust in the training program. It is generally assumed as ‘feeling good factor’. Trust is rather more about asking the team how they spent their weekend, sharing hobbies and other things besides business talk. It will be essential to go in-depth to build more trust in the team. It also helps the team to adhere to set Time Management thereby increasing overall productivity. Trust here is of two types, namely, Cognitive Trust’ and ‘Affective Trust’.

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2. Mindset Shift:

Mindset Shift Manager Training

Leadership might require changes in what is done. But what is desired is how to ‘think’. To be a worthy manager, it will be essential to train in ‘mindset shift’. As an individual contributor, success is rather defined by work performed. Success of the Situational leadership is rather defined by the ability developed to get work done by others. The manager’s role here is a work-conducive environment encouraging others to complete their task on time. Also will be required one-to-one conversations. This allows getting valuable team feedback, develop useful communications to share expectations and context clearly.

3. Where is the team heading? What’s going on?:

Experienced leaders state that the team is to understand and share progress made by the team. They also state why this progress is vital. But new managers can find it difficult to identify how to perform well and increase employee performance. This is to be achieved without having to micromanage the team. The latter might have negative results. New managers need to be aware of their team’s work-in progress and where they are heading to in their efforts. Proper mechanism should be set in place like auto status update, daily standup, staff meeting, etc.

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4. One-on-One meetings:

This is critical. Strong correlation can be drawn between high team performance and one-on-one meetings. The latter did have positive impact upon team performance to a greater degree. One-on-one meetings do provide effective results. The manager may discuss and share vital points. Also solutions can be availed to overcome hassles and issues faced by the team members. This effort also helps improve Time Management while boosting increased productivity.

Providing adequate training

Manager Training is crucial for all newly appointed managers. It also helps them to understand how the organization functions. They also get to develop the necessary skills to face challenges and to guide their team to move in the right direction.

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