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Mind your Money: A Review of Mindful Trader

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We all know there are two schools of thought in the trading and investing game, right?

Day traders are frequently in and out of trades, holding positions for as little as a few minutes but never past the end of the trading day.

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Long-term investors are in it to win it, slowly building significant positions in the companies or indices they feel will provide substantial returns over time.

And that’s it. Sure, there are shades of grey within the two extremes, but by and large, you’re either trading with high frequency using many tickers or in it for the long run – right?


Swing trading strikes the perfect balance between the excitement of day trading and the consistency/reduced volatility of long-term investing.

At its most simple, swing trading is buying and selling positions over a period of several days to a week, or possibly months – essentially building a position you see as favorable, whether fundamentally or technically, and entering at a price point you see as appropriate, then exiting when you hit your profit target or if your thesis proves incorrect.

And while there are many benefits to swing trading over day trades and long-term investing, swing trading also compounds the worst of each strategy. Your thesis needs to be solid for why you’re entering and has to be more grounded in fundamental or technical analysis. With day trading, you can ride momentum without having to do either, while long-term investing gives you time on your side (markets collectively always go up over long enough of a time horizon). Swing trading gives you neither advantage.

How can a newer investor learn the ropes and get alerted to possible swing trading opportunities without being a fundamental/technical analysis expert?

Enter: Mindful Trader.

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Swing for the Fences

As we said, Mindful Trader focuses on swing trades. The founder developed their proprietary, unique alert system using over 20 years of accumulated data and statistics to ensure the strategy and method viability. The strategy and alerts system is so effective that backtesting over the same period yielded a whopping 146% median return. This is insane, but especially so for a strategy that yields those returns over a period of days to weeks, so you have access to your initial + gained capital in a short period to reinvest or spend as you see fit.

swing trades

In fact, through backtesting, the founder of Mindful Trader (Eric) even found that he could provide positive returns during some of the most challenging financial times in the past 20 years. In years of market crashes, Eric’s strategy returned 6% in 2001’s Dot-Com Crash and 72% in 2008’s Housing Crisis and Great Recession – so not only will Mindful Trader’s tested statistical strategy give you downside protection during volatility but provide positive, risk-adjusted returns in all macroeconomic environments – the holy grail of trading.

Alert, Alert

So what do you get when you subscribe to the Mindful Trader’s $47 monthly subscription? An average 6-8 weekly swing trade picks that include:

  • Buy/short sell recommendation: the baseline alert. Go long or sell short? This depends on whether Eric’s statistical strategy predicts the stock moving up or down.
  • Price: This is the recommended entry for a long or short position.
  • Target: Eric sees the price as triggering the next move, closing the position, or increasing the stake.
  • Stoploss: a necessity in any trader’s toolkit. This is the price at which the entry thesis is no longer viable or is moving against the strategy, and the trader should pull out and minimize losses.

Pretty simple, right? No frills or upselling, just nuts-and-bolts swing trading advice.

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The Bottom Line

Is Mindful Trader worth the $47 monthly subscription?


Eric’s strategy, in addition to testing that demonstrates viable risk-adjusted returns, also focuses on mid- and large-cap stocks, so you avoid a lot of the volatility as well pump and dump schemes that mark a lot of traders’ small-cap and penny stock adventures.

Since swing trades are expected to run for a few days or weeks, there’s not as much of a rush to enter and exit as there is with day trading. This, combined with the stop loss sets, means you won’t be married to your computer, or phone babysitting your positions – set it and forget it.

Especially as the economy and equities market whipsaw back and forth, swing trading is a lower-stress, more reliable way to generate capital gains and protect your financial future. The stable nature of swing trading, combined with Eric’s proven strategy, means that the Mindful Trader is an excellent investment in your future.

Ready to go? Here are more details about your opportunities with Eric’s Mindful Trader subscription.

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