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Learn How to Take Great Pictures

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Learning to take great photos is a lot more than just learning to use your camera. This is influenced by years of experience, understanding of the sun’s setting, and proper use of the tools provided by the camera. No one was born a professional but through trial and error, he or she reached perfection. However, it is worth delving in and learning a few simple moves to impress your loved ones and friends with your photos from vacations or various family gatherings. Who knows maybe one day you will become a professional artist? If you want to get better at photography and learn the tricks of the masters, keep reading

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Make sure the camera is set on aperture priority mode or “A” setting.

This feature helps you shoot professional-looking portrait shots even if the background is out of focus. The “A” setting allows you to control the depth of field. A lower number means a wider aperture and less depth of field in your shot, but a more focused subject.

When shooting at night, use a blend of natural and artificial light.

Keep in mind that there is a time and place for artificial and natural light. When you are shooting cityscapes, get a spot meter reading to determine when natural light is at its peak and how to adjust artificial light to enhance the overall effect.

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Use the best apps.

Though professional photographers in photography studio have done just fine without apps and other tools, now that there are resources available to help you improve your photos, why not put them to work for you? Smartphone app developers offer tools to help users improve their photos, even when taking pictures with their phones. While the results may not be as high quality as those produced by a professional-quality camera, these new photography tricks can help you take full advantage of your phone’s camera feature.

Burst mode is a good option for photographing moving subjects.

Burst mode is a good option for photographing moving subjects Take great photos

Burst mode is a quick-shooting setting that lets you capture a number of frames in quick succession. Use it to capture that one great shot—the one that might be among all the others.

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Panorama Tricks for Beginners

Using a panorama setting on your smartphone’s camera, you can capture more of a scene than would be possible in a single photo. If you’re willing to run a little bit between each shot and make sure to overlap each piece of the panorama, you’ll be able to fit more of your subject in the picture.

Try shooting your panoramas at different angles.

You can change the direction of panning by tapping the arrow. This means you can get vertical panoramas, as well as horizontal ones.

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