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Is Etsy Still Worth Selling on in 2021? Tips for Helping Your Store Stand Out

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For independent artists and creators, Etsy has been the premiere selling platform for over a decade. It has an established reputation for selling one-of-a-kind products that make memorable gifts and conversation pieces. However, things have taken a major shift after the 2020 COVID pandemic. Ecommerce exploded and with so many people at home and millions out of work, Etsy experienced an explosion of both buyers and sellers flocking to the platform in droves.

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There are stores from sellers in different countries, and in 2020, the company continues to grow. So, in terms of security and profitability, Etsy is still a relevant platform in 2021 and 2022. However, the major influx of stores and competition among sellers can make it harder to get noticed and make sales. That’s why this article will act as a guide to help you boost your store’s presence, try and sell more products and look to turn a higher profit from your ecommerce gig.

Develop Your Brand Strategy

For many sellers, Etsy’s ease of access is what makes it so appealing. You can set up an online store in a matter of minutes and begin selling products in a day. But this can also cause many aspiring business owners to skip major steps in the brand development process. Rather than focusing solely on what you sell, you also need to cultivate a sense of who you are. This is what turns you into a brand that people want to support for more than just one purchase. Start by reviewing this Etsy SEO guide on how to expand your online presence. It’s full of helpful tips and practical advice on ways to start growing your brand’s online identity right away.

Is selling on Etsy worth it 2021

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Don’t Forget to Network

One of the biggest mistakes new stores make is failing to get involved in a community. Whether it’s an Etsy seller Facebook group or Instagram, you need to be plugged into your industry. Networking with other sellers helps you make new connections and gain valuable insights. Socializing with potential sellers helps make your business seem more authentic and approachable. Positive interactions make a tremendous difference when it comes to increasing engagement. Instagram can generate four times as much engagement as Facebook, and research has found that it helps 80 percent of consumers make a decision before buying a product.

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Segment Your Audience

If your target audience is too broad, you may struggle to reach them on social media or convert them into paying customers. Audience segmentation is especially relevant in an over-saturated, highly competitive market like Etsy. You need to know exactly who you’re marketing to so you can craft relevant social content, ad copy and product descriptions that convert. To start segmenting your audience:

  • Identify consumer pain points for each segment.
  • Develop segment criteria, including age, gender and location.
  • Identify their core personality traits and interests and align them with your products.

Pain points may indicate distress, but they can also be concerns and wants, too. For example, maybe your ideal consumer in a particular segment has a set budget and values sustainable goods and practices. You can position your products as the perfect balance between affordability and eco-consciousness. Hitting particular pain points through targeted content and well-crafted product descriptions allow you to directly connect with your ideal consumers more easily.

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