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How to Recover After a Reputation Crisis

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A reputation crisis leaves a company in shambles. There is an impact, and there is a need to rebuild the reputation of the company. It is a must to recover and to move ahead. It allows you to restore the brand image.

5 steps on how to recover after a reputation crisis

The online reputation requires an understanding of disciplines. Fixing your reputation may or may not be effective. Besides, the time investment and the bandwidth go much beyond the business. Partnering with an expert online reputation management company is helpful. It allows you to work on a crisis recovery plan and to focus on your business to restore your image.

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#1 Assess reputation damage

The first step is to determine the extent of reputational damage. It is a must to map your search landscape and to look beyond the page. It appears insignificant to consider negative contents that are lurking in Google. However, it may leap with the right SEO signals to page one.

Ask a few questions to determine the risk you can find ways to recover a reputation crisis.

  • What are the content types of the ranking?
  • The number of different search results
  • How and which departments are in impact?

Finding these may help assess risk and in building a matrix to know the potential damage.

#2 Set realistic goals

Most people wish to find a solution immediately to resolve a reputation crisis. Regrettably, though there are outlandish claims, the reputation recovery does not work accordingly.

The volume of content is available online, and it is from highly qualified executives and visible brands. They also inform that reputation rebuilding cannot be overnight and takes time. Publishing relevant content helps in shifting the narrative and rebalancing the index on Google. Thus, using SEO, the preferred content can be at the search results top.

Here are a few ways to set goals to ensure success:

  • Do you want to establish and maintain an online media presence?
  • How many content pieces will you require?
  • Do you want to optimize additional websites?
  • Is negative content authoritative? If so, how many URLs need repositioning?
  • How many links do you want to build?

Asking questions helps in setting reasonable expectations and restoring reputation. It helps in determining the scale and in tackling issues quickly.

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#3 Shift the narrative by publishing positive contents

ways to recover a reputation crisis

The best crisis recovery plan is to boost positive content. It is much important than considering ways to push the negative results down. As per a survey, it is just 7% of people who look beyond the Google first page. It means you have to recover your reputation and the right way is in promoting positive content so that you rank in the SERPs.

You can have enough fresh content to flood the index of Google and thus push down the bad stuff. You can produce new content that the search engines will favor you, and slowly the density of the negative topics will dilute.

#4 Craft a roadmap for reputation recovery

One of the ways to recover after a reputation crisis is to craft a reputation recovery roadmap. The management of online reputation is huge. It requires crisis management, public relations, SEO expertise, content creation, and analytics. Depending on the recovery strategy, include various tactics such as:

  • Expand blog content
  • Manage and optimize social media profiles
  • Publish content focusing on branded leadership.
  • Establish programs on online reviews across several platforms.
  • Execute public relations campaigns

SEO analysts, content developers, PR specialists, and project managers all must work together to ensure lasting results.

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#5 Employ tactical SEO to crush negative results

Employ tactical SEO to crush negative results

SEO can do a lot of things. It can remove or diminish the effect of negative results from Google. As a way to resolving the reputation crisis, fix your online reputation. Once honored, and you maintain on Google ranking your position for the long term, it is easy to push the negative results down. However, there is a need to be always attentive and careful.

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