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How to Protect Your Business From These 6 Mobile Security Threats

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There have been launched different types of mobile apps that people have been downloading on their mobile phones. These apps have been created with the purpose to solve certain purposes and thus, found to be quite useful. Almost everyone seems to be using a smartphone these days and several apps. But what you might not be aware is the fact that your business may be under threat from the apps that you and your employees may use daily at the workplace.

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Increasing awareness

Malware, spyware and viruses are not limited to attacking laptops and computers. Even mobile devices are found to cause cyber security issues. With the threat landscape evolving continuously, you need to understand such risks and undertake necessary steps to stay protected.

About Mobile Security Threats

These are attacks made with the intention to steal or compromise data from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Such threats may be in spyware or malware form providing unwanted people with unauthorized access to business secrets. At times, users might not even know that they are under attack! Attackers getting easy access might carry out different types of malicious actions. Mobile devices might even be used to spoof identities or to steal login credentials. One single breach can even lead to data leaks on a large scale!

Mobile Security Threats cyber security

6 Mobile-based security threats and remedial measures

1. Unsecured WiFi network connection:

Free to access WiFi in public places are unsecured. Attackers may use them to access others’ devices, thereby compromising data. Avoid using such free public hotspots and avoid creating a password or account. Stick to indulging low risk activities only. Do not make online purchases, access banking apps or social media accounts. Do undertake Data Management

2. Downloading and granting permissions to malicious apps:

Use only official app stores to download apps and not from some unknown sources. The latter might cause data leaks. Even data leaks may result from downloading malware infected enterprise apps distributing code especially on mobile OS. Choose Apple App store or Google Play store to download Mobile apps. Deny permissions like access to microphone, camera, location data, etc.

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3. Poor cyber hygiene:

Good cyber hygiene should always be practiced. However, people still use weak passwords, share data with colleagues and friends, recycle credentials or fail to update operating systems and applications. Even out-of-date devices might cause cyber security Use MFA (multi-factor authentication tools), strong passwords, and enable automatic updates in your devices. Once your work is completed, simply log out from the app. Do not share login details or personal information to anyone.

4. Victim of social engineering attack:

Attacks such as ‘smishing’ and phishing’ has been on the rise especially with increasing remote work. Malicious email does not offer much information in the mobile due to limited screen size. Thus, users tend to click on any link without understanding its consequences. Avoid clicking any text or mail link coming from unknown sources. Put URL in web browser’s address bar to verify legitimacy of the link.

5. Botnets:

Botnets Mobile Security Threats

As hackers control some group of computers, botnet gets formed. These are used while carrying out malicious attacks with the purpose to overload the organization’s resources. It includes attacks on DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) on mobile devices. Download only legitimate apps to avoid botnets. Also do not click email-based attachments or links. Use secure wireless networks.

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6. Not having end-to-end encryption or working with broken cryptography:

Video conferencing tools are commonly used on mobile devices. But if it operates with weak algorithms or without encrypt conversations devices can become vulnerable to attacks. Ensure proper Data Management and use online tools and applications that secure data and protect identities.

The above six Mobile Security Threats should be understood well so that you can protect your business.

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