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How to Keep Cannabis Fresh? Beginners Guide 2023

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If you are a regular cannabis consumer, you must know how to keep cannabis fresh and compelling, irrespective of your level of consumption of cannabis. You can consume cannabis in different ways and buy vapes online.

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Different factors affect the impact of cannabis on your body. Straining, consumption method, and the freshness of the plant mark different effects. If the weed is dried out, you will barely find the flavors, aromatic feel, and potency (the amount of THC present).

However, if the weed is moist or damp, you can’t easily smoke it, but it attracts foreign particles. For long-term usage of cannabis with the right mix of potency with the flavors of the stash, we have compiled several methods to improve your experience.

If you are a novice canna consumer, this article will acquaint you with the factors and storing ways that change the taste of cannabis. Read on.

Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Cannabis

There are primarily four main factors that affect the freshness of cannabis. Its plant is grown, dried, stored, and consumed in varying methods. Here are the factors that interrupt the potency and taste of cannabis:

Ways to Store Cannabis for Freshness THC levels

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen
  • Light

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Ways to Store Cannabis for Freshness

For canna lovers, here are the ways to keep your stash fresh and potent for consumption:

1. Ideal Humid Environment

If you must store cannabis for a long time, maintaining the proper humidity level is essential. The buds become the breeding ground for molds and other pathogens when the level increases. In case of low humidity, canna loses its taste and flavor. As an ideal environment, 55-65% relative humidity is suitable for storing cannabis.

2. Dark Storage Space

It is best to store cannabis in a dark environment, so go for an opaque container over a transparent one. If the canna is exposed more to light, it is less likely to retain its freshness.

Since cannabis is an organic substance, environmental factors can cause canna decay. More light desiccates the terpenes in cannabis, and after a long time, canna loses its fragrance.

At high temperatures, canna leaves change their shape and turn brownish. Moreover, terpenes and cannabinoids begin to boil. Likewise, when the temperature dips down, it affects the trichomes, making the leaves brittle and difficult to consume quickly.

3. Prefer a UV-Protected Container

To prevent the decaying of cannabis, storing it in the right container under protection from light, heat, and oxygen is necessary. Store it in a UV-protected airtight container to prevent or slow down the deterioration of canna leaves.

Decaying of cannabis starts over time, and you would observe a decrease in THC levels in around three months. Experiments and studies reveal that keeping cannabis flowers in a closed container in a dark space for 24 hrs at a temperature of 39 F differs from the cannabinoid level after 300 days.

Cannabis stored in a dark environment at room temperature shows a significant difference of 13% in THC in just 100 days.

4. Avoid Adding Any Organic Content in Storage Container

Cannabis is itself organic, and to add to its longevity, avoid adding other organic matter in its storage jar. Some hacks are aired around that putting fruits and veggies in the jar with the canna leaves promote moisture for the buds.

To be safe, don’t add anything to the jar, as it can welcome unwanted molds and pathogens around it.

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What if Cannabis Is Not Fresh?

You can examine the freshness of cannabis with the following:

If the weed is dried out, there will be less fragrance and flavor in the weed. When the dryness increases, it leads to:

  • Loss of potency
  • Difficulty in inhaling through burst THC vape

If the weed has more moisture, grinding becomes troublesome for canna lovers. High moisture in cannabis leads to:

  • A problem in breaking the leaves apart
  • Difficulty in burning the leaves

In closing

If you consume cannabis regularly, you must be aware of the methods of storing it the right way. Protection of canna leaves it pivotal for its long-term use. To maintain the freshness and increase the potency of cannabis, you must store it in the right environment.

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Dark and airtight storage space is ideally great for locking in the freshness of cannabis for a comparatively long time. With this practice, you can lower the chances of degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids, and the right temperature mitigates the chances of decaying cannabis. To use cannabis for a long time, remember these things before storing the stash.

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