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How to Get Smarter and Succeed in IQ tests?

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IQ tests are designed to measure intelligence. But not all intelligent individuals will perform equally well on every test. To determine which ones work best for you, try answering the following questions before starting any test preparation program. If you are trying to get smarter and train your brain in order to solve harder questions faster, you need to practice. Improving your general knowledge or cognitive skills requires the investment of time and effort. Are you sure you are ready?

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How To Succeed In IQ tests?

Below, you will find some questions that you should answer to help yourself get ready for your upcoming IQ test. As you may know, these tests are not easy. Thus, practice is needed, and a lot of it. It’s recommended to try some free IQ tests with instant results to get quick feedback on where you stand and on which topic you should invest your time.

1. What am I trying to learn?

If you know precisely why you’re doing the test, you’ll be able to prepare accordingly. If you’re looking to increase your vocabulary skills, for instance, you might spend extra time reading books and listening to audio recordings. On the other hand, if you need help understanding math concepts, you should probably devote most of your attention to practicing basic arithmetic.

How to do better on IQ tests

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2. Where would I use this knowledge?

If you plan to apply your new skill set immediately after taking the test, make sure you understand the purpose behind the question. Otherwise, you may end up wasting valuable time searching for answers that don’t matter.

3. Is this something I’m interested in?

You wouldn’t expect someone who’s never been exposed to art history to become an expert at painting. Similarly, you shouldn’t assume that anyone who doesn’t enjoy playing chess could ever hope to compete with world champions like Garry Kasparov. So before beginning any training regimen, ask yourself whether you genuinely care enough about the subject to put forth the effort required to succeed.

4. Am I willing to invest the necessary time to succeed in the IQ test?

It takes practice to master anything. And while many people think that cramming for exams is the only way to achieve success, research shows that students who engage in meaningful activities tend to outperform those who merely sit around waiting for the day of reckoning. Studies show that even brief periods of intense mental activity can boost memory retention levels significantly. The keyword here is “brief.” You won’t see results overnight. It usually takes weeks — maybe months — of consistent effort before you start seeing significant improvements. That means it pays to commit some serious hours to study once you’ve decided to pursue a specific topic.

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5. Do I have the discipline to learn to the IQ test?

Some people thrive under pressure; others crumble when faced with too much stress. Before embarking on any significant project, consider carefully whether you possess the self-discipline needed to complete it successfully. Are you capable of sticking to a schedule without getting distracted by outside influences? Can you resist the temptation to procrastinate until the last minute? Will you keep working long past bedtime? These traits aren’t necessarily indicative of high intelligence, but they certainly play a role in determining how successful you’ll ultimately prove to be.

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