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How to Choose Software Development Company – Useful Tips

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High-quality software is an indispensable element in the work of any modern company whose management values its time and resources. In our time there are many organizations to which you can apply for such a service as the creation of programs. But to ensure the quality of designed programs does not disappoint, it is worth carefully selecting a performer.

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Most businesses that use the services of outsourcing IT companies, as a rule, make their choice based on the offered price. However, other important criteria should not be overlooked.

A single freelancer or a custom software development company?

Many freelance programmers offer their services to clients. The development of programs by such professionals can often be no less high-quality than in cases when an entire company is working on it. Nevertheless, some undeniable advantages allow the client to understand: it is easier and more profitable to work with a custom software company. Among such advantages are:

  1. A comprehensive approach. A team of professionals always knows better how to solve a particular task more efficiently and meet the client’s needs for high-quality software. When several people work, the advisory principle works. As a result, the most optimal solution is selected.
  2. No interruptions in work. Even the most competent single specialist can face some unforeseen circumstances that will force him to suspend work. A person may fall ill, be delayed on a trip, etc. All this distracts from the work process. And while it is humanly possible to understand such circumstances, it is difficult to adapt to them if you need the programs urgently. In a software development firm, in this case, the principle of interchangeability of employees works.
  3. More experience. An independent specialist can achieve a lot as a result of self-education. But in a team, the exchange of experience is faster and often more productive.

Taking into account all these factors, it is more profitable to order custom software development from a reliable company. One such company is Velvetech. This is a close-knit team of specialists who respect the client’s needs and value their time.

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8 Tips to choose the best software development company

Tips to choose the best software development company

When choosing a custom software developer, pay attention to the following criteria:

Firm size

The size of the software company, as well as the scale of its projects, is crucial. If the vendor is too large and works mostly with large businesses, it may not pay enough attention to your specific needs. If the company is too small, it may not have enough experience working at that scale.

Another aspect that is affected by the size of the vendor is its ability to increase or decrease the development team. Medium and large suppliers have more internal resources and more external candidates. Thus, they can easily expand the development team to handle an increasing workload and move people to another project if you need to shorten the timeline.

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Businesses go to great lengths to find a developer that specializes in a certain area and technology stack. Thus, when you are looking for a specific skill set, you should choose those vendors that have experience in that area.


Before you start working with a particular custom software development firm, make sure that it has hands-on experience with similar projects in your industry.

Testimonials from clients

Visit popular review platforms to get real customer reviews of different vendors. It’s also important to ask for references from real, previous clients. They can give you a true understanding of the company’s processes and quality of service. If a company is looking to grow professionally, you can easily find it on lists of the most sought-after software development firms.


Knowledge of agile development techniques is a must for any software development company today. When choosing an outsourcer, make sure it is flexible enough to accommodate changes as your business grows. This applies to many aspects, such as scalability, adoption of new technologies, offering different pricing models, knowledge acceptance, etc. A good vendor knows how to keep your business safe from blockages online. Whether it’s using proxy websites or other methods of protection.

Tech infrastructure and office space

The software company should be able to provide a reliable and secure IT infrastructure. Businesses, for their part, should ensure that the vendor can equip their future team with good hardware, software, networks, and all the tech infrastructure needed to develop, test, deliver and support IT services.

Employee training

When negotiating a deal with a software firm, don’t forget to ask about its employee training policies. The vendor should provide its employees with some training opportunities. So that all members of distributed teams use the same coding methods and speak the same language.

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Enthusiasm and passion

A good relationship between business partners directly affects the success of both parties. Therefore, when a vendor shows genuine concern for a customer’s success, it is a game-changer. If a vendor doesn’t show real enthusiasm for your project and your business in the initial stages of the partnership, it should be a wake-up call for you.

Choose wisely

Well, choosing the best software development company for your project is not an easy task. Your decision will inevitably have an impact on your business, so make sure it is informed, balanced, and well thought out.

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