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How can you avert the bail bond fraud scams?

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November 2020 recorded a bail bond fraud case. And the concerned person, along with compliance assistance, committed the fraud. And this incident was an eye-opener for several individuals to notice the scams happening in the bail bond domain.

Most scammers search for individuals who require assistance from a bail bond. It leaves many thinking ways to ensure they have joined hands with an authentic bail bond service. To know more about genuine bail bonds, you can check out bonds in Manchester, CT. Also, it would help if you considered a few factors.

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Who is issuing the bond?

First, you need to know who is issuing the bond. According to a few fraud cases, people presented themselves as the police offer. You should know that a police officer doesn’t issue a bail bond. And when it comes to bail bonds, you have to deal with a judge who sets bail bonds for a crime you are guilty of, as well as the bondsman.

bail bond fraud scams

The police officers are engaged in the arrest process. Hence, the bond issue remains between your bondsman, you, and a judge. And when the bail gets set, you need to get in touch with the bondsman. He will come with the individual who pays for the bond.

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When does the bond get issued?

In most countries, the bond amount gets fixed during the booking and arrest time. Several places come with a fixed fee chart for multiple crimes. And these routines get based on the crime, and specific criteria that arrested individuals should cater to.

Once you meet the criteria, the fees get fixed. It assists the court system by reducing the requirement for more people that a judge should see. It also enables to bring down the time a person stays in jail. As the bond gets issued, you will get notified during the booking phase. The bondsmen can access arrest records and bring them up with the name of the person. Also, they can look at the crime and let you know the amount required to get out of jail. Hence, it indicates you should make the initial phone call to an authentic bondsman who can initiate the bonding process.

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Where does the bond gets signed?

One can sign the bail bond at a jail. Else, your loved one can visit the concerned bail bond office as well. You should know that any bail bondsman or agency representative will not arrive at your house. And in the recent fraud cases discovered, fake bail bondsman has reached the individuals’ house.  Also, there are times when they talked about providing their service even before the concerned family or individual asked for help themselves.

Last but not least, when you are dealing with an authentic bail bondsman, you will notice the paperwork signing and bond posting gets done in a particular process. And as the bond gets posted and paid, the concerned person gets released from jail. Hence, the essential factor to count on for averting scams is that you need to connect with a bail bondsman rather than the other way around.

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