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Different Types Of Needles Used For Tattooing

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Tattooing is one of the cultures and activities that is obsessively being followed across many societies, countries, and regions around the world. This is why this activity has now taken shape of an industry whereby artists are getting employment and engaging in business. Tattoo artists can work with shops or open their clinics to practice the art. However, there are certain technical requirements for this art despite the talent and skill. This especially comprises the types of needles that are being used in the process. Here are some types and sizes of needles being used in the activity.

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Needles with Round Liner

These are the needles having a rounded pattern and are very good for obtaining clean lines. Because of these needles being able to highlight prominent lines, they can be used for creating outlines. The thickness of these needles is described using numerical values. They range from point one to fourteen which are the denotations for extremely fine and thick respectively. These needles are used for dot work and detailing since they do not allow a lot of ink to flow out all at once.

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Needles with Round Shader

These needles have a very similar appearance to the round liners. The only difference between a round liner and a round shader is that the pins in the round shader are not held close and together. Therefore, they can be used for filling the colors and outlines and also for shading the tattoos. You can click here to know more about shader needles.

Magnum Shaders

These are a preferred choice for wider coverage of the bigger drawings and areas and are also used for different types of shading processes. Their chief characteristic is that they allow a larger flow of ink at the same point of time which makes them an effective tool for covering and coloring a large space inside the tattoo in minimum time.

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Curved Magnum Shaders                                      

These needles are also known as magnums with a soft edge. These are similar in various aspects to the magnum shaders in a way that they also enable to disperse a large amount of ink with great precision and accuracy. These needles also do not cause any pain or even the slightest of damage to the skin. Because of these attributes, these needles are perfect for the purpose of delicate shading.

Straight Flat Shader Needles

These are the needle types that make up a good choice for the purpose of lining and delivering a large amount of ink into the skin. This enables dark shading at once. Straight flat shader needles can be used exclusively for certain makeup types which can include semi-permanent makeup styles.

Magnum Shaders with double stack

These types of needles have a similar shape and size to needles like other shaders. The only difference is that despite having multiple pins they do not have much space between them. This is one of the reasons why their performance does not make much difference from other types of needles and why they have gone out of fashion in some or the other ways. 

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