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Friday, August 7, 2020
Home Tips Deciding on the Safest Spot for Your Business

Deciding on the Safest Spot for Your Business

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Are you in the process of choosing the best location for your business? As a rule of thumb, make the decision not just based on convenience or proximity to your customers, but also on the safety of your employees.

Read on to know how to find the safest spot your business can call home:

Don’t Rent near Earthquake Faults

Of the 50 states, 16 are earthquake-prone. While it’s not always an option to move your business to a less earthquake-prone state, you can and should choose a location that’s at least far from fault lines. If you need to pick an office location in California for instance, choose one that’s farther away from fault lines. You can be guided by this map.



Don’t Choose Areas with High Crime Rates

If possible, don’t pick a location where crime is high or close to areas with a high crime rate. Otherwise, you’ll compromise the safety of your employees and your workplace. It’s an obvious safety measure, but you might be tempted to choose the location due to the prospect of lower rental rates or cheap property you can convert into office space.

Choose a Spot that’s been Prepped

Once you’ve chosen an area that’s far from dangers like earthquakes and crime, choose a spot that’s move-in-ready.

Whether it’s an empty lot to build on or has existing structures like a warehouse or office building, make sure the place is cleared of debris and any toxic materials.

If any dead, dying, or unstable trees are within the property, hire a tree service to remove them. Why should you do this? If any dead or dying trees on your property fall on a person or neighbor’s property even if a storm caused it, you could be held liable and end up paying thousands of dollars in damages.

Choose a Spot Away from Collapsible or Sinkable features

Choose a Spot Away from Collapsible or Sinkable features

You may enjoy resplendent views from an office on a cliff or by the coast, but what you gain in prestige you lose in safety.


Locations like the California coastline, New Orleans, North Carolina, and Miami are under threat of being swallowed by the sea. Due to erosion and the probability of tremors, locations in elevated areas by cliffs are far from safe either. While it may be nothing special and a bit costly, your best bet would be to set up a shop in the business district of your city.

When it comes to choosing a location for your business, safety and security should come first. Convenience and cost are a close second, with prestige being the least of your priorities—especially when you’re starting out.

If finding a 100% earthquake-proof and crime-free location that’s affordable is impossible, choose the safest location you can afford and invest in security measures and insurance.

To ensure the safety of your employees, provide enough lighting within the premises and avoid imposing mandatory overtime.

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