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Computer Desk Solutions for your home office

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The best furniture is always mindful of your space, services its purpose, and as a bonus, it functions as décor in the room. Due to the emergence of remote connectivity with clients and customers, computers are integral even at home. Thus, it is always a good idea to have a home office where you can get serious as situations demand. You don’t have to worry if you have no extra room; these solutions will provide you with a computer desk in your current home.

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Computer Table

Lucite Computer Table

You can set a Lucite desk on a sidewall of your choice where it is quiet and out of the pathway as a computer table. Lucite desks are almost colorless, which blends well with the wall and the interior decor of the room. At a distance, the computer seems to be floating in the air. You only need a chair and power extension to enjoy working from home without damaging the interior look of the house.

L Shaped Counter

The letter L has proven elegant in economizing space. At the corner of the house, you can set two countertops at a ninety-degree angle as your computer desk. A mobile swivel chair or a sertavalleta allows easy adjustment of height for different users as well as mobility. The L Shaped counter can hold a higher number of occupants in the house without consuming much space. It also offers a storage room under the counter or takes different equipment on the length of each side of the L Shape.

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Floating Window Desk

This is the closest you will get to a decent view while working from home. An extension of the window sill, which is done either with wood or plastic, completes the setting for your computer desk by the window. An office chair is the only requirement, and you are ready to work. You can put blinders to control the intensity of light while still enjoying the view as you work.

Floating Drawer

Drawers are good for keeping different things away from view. However, they can also conceal your office equipment while also serving as a computer desk. The drawer top offers an easy solution for your computer needs while the accessories such as a mouse and keyboard can be locked away in the drawer compartment. However, you need the drawer to be floating to have some legroom for extra comfort.

Upright Shelf

The home office does not have to be taken away from home comfort, such as the bedroom. An upright shelf is a grilled compartment with the bottom shelves serving as the computer desk. The other shelves hold different office materials allowing easy access and grouping everything in one singular location. It also fits snugly in the quiet peace of the bedroom, allowing work to proceed even with a rowdy family in the house.

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Closet Desk

This is the same idea as the upright shelf, but instead of having grills, it is complete with solid compartments. It can also be an extension of a wardrobe with accessible legroom and the bottom compartment serving as the computer desk. The top compartments can comfortably hold stationery and files to avoid clutter.

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