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Choosing the Best Client Portal Software for Your Business

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Is your business growing and no longer able to manage clients manually? Sometimes, even other solutions such as spreadsheets fail because of the increasing workload. In such a case, using client portal software creates a secure and convenient environment for clients and your employees to interact. The Clinked client portal is one of the trending solutions. Your business can enjoy collaboration, communication, and file sharing among other features.

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If this is the kind of software you are looking for, we will give you useful guidelines on how to choose one. Take notes to enjoy incredible client portal software for your business.

Consider the Features

Since a client portal is software, it should come with features that allow it to perform its function. According to experts from Clinked, one of the many client portal software solutions, ideal software should have the following features.

  • Communication – A business maintains clients through constant communication. Currently, client portals utilize one-on-one and group communication with clients. Advanced client portal software such as Clinked even has mobile chats to ensure that you collaborate easily with clients and work colleagues.
  • Collaboration – Communication is just a part of collaborations in reliable software. Client portal by Clinked, for example, has incredible collaboration features between teams and clients, where they can manage tasks in a secure environment. So, if you are looking for reliable software to incorporate into your business, it should have some form of collaboration and task management.
  • File sharing – It makes it easy and convenient to communicate and share files on one secure portal. So, make sure that the software you buy allows uploading and downloading of different file formats.
  • Security – You must assure clients of a secure environment especially for the sake of communication, file sharing, and collaboration. Fortunately, modern client portal software is encrypted and secured using the latest technology. 5th Kind provides complete collaboration solutions to keep your business data safe and secure.
  • Customization – Not every business would want to blatantly show everyone that they are using a certain client portal. So, customization through custom email, widgets, and integration with mobile apps is crucial.

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Consider the Cost

tips for choosing client portal software for business

When choosing client portal software, consider how much it will cost you to buy and maintain it. The good thing is that modern software is now cloud based, and upon buying it, you can enjoy 24/7 support no matter where you are.

Some good client portal software providers such as Clinked give you an opportunity to enjoy a free trial for some time to know if you are going to get a good value for your money. So, take advantage of such offers. The Clinked client portal also allows you to save with an annual offer instead of the monthly one. So, when looking for good software for your business, consider such opportunities.

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Support Is Crucial

Any client portal software should have support. Always go for client portal software with 24/7 support to get the most out of it. Client portal by Clinked, for instance, promises enough support around the clock to ensure that your business is in constant collaboration with clients and remote employees. This is a big plus for any business.


Simply, this is what a reliable and secure client portal should look like according to Clinked. Ensure that you select client portal software that meets the needs of your business and its clients. The benefits of this solution will enable your business to grow with your clients.

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