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Buying a Concertina for the Beginner: Tips for Making the Best Choice

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The concertina is a versatile instrument that can be used in various genres of music, from traditional folk to romantic and classical. Its unique sound adds depth and beauty to any music. For beginner concertina players, selecting an instrument that is right for them can be challenging. If you’re looking to purchase a concertina as a beginner, this article is for you! We’ve gathered some of the best tips to help make sure you get the right instrument.

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Determine Your Budget

The first step you should take when buying a concertina for sale is determining your budget. The cost of a concertina can vary greatly depending on the brand and model, as well as the type of materials used and its overall quality. You should generally expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the features you want.

Understand the Different Types of Concertinas

The concertina is divided into two main types—the Anglo-German and the English Concertina. The Anglo-German type is the most common and has buttons on both ends of the instrument that share two serrated reeds. It is generally used to play traditional folk and dance music. The English Concertina has buttons on one end and a flat reed on the other. This concertina is most often used for classical, romantic, and military music.

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Know What Features to Look for

Know What Features to Look for concertina

When choosing a concertina, it is crucial to consider certain features that can help you make the right choice. Price, obviously, is one of the main considerations, but the type of material and overall quality can also be necessary. Most concertinas are made of either brass or nickel, and important factors to consider include the size of the instrument, the number of buttons, the size of the reeds and the action of the keys.

Get Professional Advice

It’s always a good idea to consult a music teacher or expert before making your final decision. A professional can guide the type of concertina best suits the individual’s playing style and goals. If you’re unsure about the brand you’re looking for or the features you need, a professional can offer advice on other models you might want to consider.

Test the Instrument

When buying a concertina, the best way to judge the instrument is to try it out for yourself. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit your local music store and take the time to play a few different models. If possible, you should ask for advice from the store staff who can show you how to properly use the instrument and explain the features of different models.

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Have the Instrument Checked by a Technician

Once you’ve found the right instrument for you, it’s essential to have it checked by a professional concertina technician. A technician will be able to ensure that the instrument is in good playing condition and that the keys and reeds are all working correctly. This is also an opportunity to discuss any upgrades or modifications you might want to make to the instrument.

Buying a concertina should be an exciting experience, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect instrument. So whether you’re just starting out or an experienced player looking for a new instrument, follow these tips to ensure you get the perfect concertina.

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