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Best virtual gift ideas for your remote teams

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Virtual gift ideas for remote teams

General practice is to swap gifts in offices among coworkers around holidays or special celebrations. Exchanging virtual gifts or sending them to employees or coworkers recreates a bonding experience. Show your remote teams respect and that you care for them by sending gifts virtually. It strengthens the community sense through the distanced workforce. It helps to bring your coworkers or remote team closer than ever before.

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Employee care package

Employee care package virtual gift ideas

A gift box well-planned can show team members appreciation and makes them a special feel. Usually, giving employee care packages give a feel-good atmosphere to the team members. TheseEmployee care package ideas make employees more efficient, enjoyable, and luxurious. It has vast options customizable to fit the needs and interests of the team.  Some of the care packages are:

  • Books for book readers
  • Mindfulness & Wellness
  • Tech guys
  • House plants
  • Gaming device or tools

Stress Reduction Kit

Care packages make the best remote employee appreciation gifts. The stress reduction kits are broadly a part of employee wellness. It helps remote employees to include items that assist them in coping with tension and unwinding. Some of the things include:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Self-help books
  • Essential oils diffusers
  • Foot massagers
  • Self-care bath items

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Also, gifting a calm subscription is helpful to cap off any sort of stress. The subscription includes Meditation and Breathwork for productivity at home.

Tech Accessories supporting Work from Home

Every employee uses an upgrade of technology from time to time. It promotes comfort and productivity on thinking about tech accessories as you work from home. It includes office gifts things such as:

  • Laptop stand
  • Headphones to work as a noise blocker
  • Device cleaning kits
  • Cord organizers
  • Induction mug warmer

An instant mood-booster

Sending gifts for coworkers shows a way of encouraging them to adopt healthier habits and prioritize self-care.  Giving meaningful gifts promote engagement and allow teammates to connect.  Giving instant mood-booster as a gift is helpful to employees, and receiving items such as:

  • Exercise-related gifts
  • Yoga accessories and mats
  • Steel water bottle
  • Classpass virtual membership
  • Fitness trackers
  • Subscription to headspace calming meditation

Fun Office Accessories

Livening up at home a workspace implies investing in fun office accessories. It includes virtual gifts to remote teams. Some of the following fun office accessories include:

  • Mini USB Vacuum
  • Portable speaker
  • Personalized office supplies
  • Desktop diffuser
  • Cute computer sitter

Most importantly, gifting daily-use objects will remind your thoughtfulness of the employee.

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Coworking Membership

Gifting Coworking Membership takes home-based workers to a fresh working experience. The membership is ideal for employees who do not work from home. Maybe, if they lack the privilege to work peacefully at home. Coworking membership gifts for coworkers can include:

  • Unique group cards to celebrate- Send a personalized message with GIFs or videos, making a memorable gift.
  • House plants as gifts ensure more productivity and happier staff. A house plant makes a lovely gift. You can ensure pet-friendly houseplants and choose low-maintenance plants as gifts that can be placed on the working desk.
  • Personalized favorite celebrity videos make an ultimate virtual gift. Include their pop culture with messages, direct calls, live calls, and personalized video.
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