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All Year Cooling Provides Maintenance Tips for the Summer Heat

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When it becomes summer time in South Florida, it can be difficult to live without air conditioning that works properly. Most would hope that they could simply count on their air conditioner at all times. However, some essential maintenance are crucial to keeping an air conditioner running properly.

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At All Year Cooling in South Florida, they provide tips for their customers to maintain their units so that everything performs as it should. They also provide full service for installations and repairs, but in many cases, it’s only minor maintenance that needs to be done. That’s when a few initial tips on getting ready for the daily use of your air conditioning system helps.

Always Practice Safety

Anyone looking at their air conditioning system should practice basic safety. That means turning off the circuit breaker and condenser at the service panel before working on the unit.

Most condensers have a 240-volt weatherproof disconnect box near the unit. In this box will be a lever, circuit breaker, or fuse to shut the condenser off. Shut everything down before moving forward.

All Year Cooling’s technicians always follow safety guidelines to ensure no freak accidents on-site. Messing with anything connected to power puts everyone at risk. A simple misstep could create a costly and dangerous mistake no one wants to deal with.

All Year Cooling technicians and vans Air conditioner filter

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Filter Treatment

An air conditioner filter needs to be cleaned or replaced at least twice a year. If they are untouched, they can become clogged with dust, which can compromise the air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Anyone sensitive to dust will find that it is recirculating in the home and causing health issues.

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Every air conditioning unit has condenser coils. If the home has central air, the condenser unit is located outdoors. It’s essentially a huge fan inside a metal box with sides shaped a lot like grills.

Some homeowners will cover the condenser unit during the winter, but that’s not always the case in South Florida since it’s warm throughout the year. That means there are more chances of debris getting in there when left untouched.

Try to make sure the fan is clear of as much debris as possible. After that, look inside the box. There could be debris caught in the coils. That means cleaning out the coils to improve efficiency. Since coils are a little touchy, All Year Cooling can help in many cases if necessary and offers discounts and coupons to make these services affordable.

Searching The Entire Condenser for Debris

After some of the more crucial parts of the air conditioner receive treatment, it’s now time to clean and clear any remaining debris. Look at the base of the condenser first and see if there are any leaves in the area.

Some air conditioners have a drain, and those need to be cleared. Also, be on the lookout for excess water inside the unit. Air conditioners can handle some water, but too much can cause permanent damage. Once everything looks good, close the condenser back up.

Check Out Coolant Lines

Coolant lines are essential for any air conditioner to work properly. These refrigerated tubes and pipes go from the air conditioner evaporator to the condenser outside. For added protection, these lines have foam insulation on them.

It’s important to ensure that everything looks solid with these lines. Any type of fraying can get out of control during the summer months. It’s much easier to replace some foam insulation now instead of replacing the coolant lines altogether later on.

Since All Year Cooling does this all the time, a technician can come out and treat these issues in a short amount of time. It’s an option that everyone has to help avoid costly bills later on.

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Test The Unit

After everything is cleaned and dried, it’s time to test the unit. Turn the power back on and see how it works. If everything works properly, set yourself a reminder to repeat these maintenance items periodically throughout the year, to maximize the efficiency and life of your cooling system.

How All Year Cooling Can Help

No matter what part of South Florida you are in, All Year Cooling has a fleet of over 60 vehicles and hundreds of team members ready to assist. Air conditioning systems can be complex and difficult to service if you’re unfamiliar with the units. Because of this, many people opt for professional assistance and the AYC team is ready to help, even same day.

Not sure what exactly needs help with the air conditioning unit? The best thing to do is reach out for a comprehensive AC system evaluation. The service call will help identify anything that needs repair. If the entire unit needs replacing, that’s also a possibility.

After examining everything, customers can get an accurate estimate that puts everything in perspective. For many people, essential maintenance isn’t going to cost much. However, there is internal financing available for more expensive fixes and total replacements if necessary.

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