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A Quick Guide to Leather-made Custom Wallets

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Men have undeniably placed huge importance on dressing well nowadays. In this day and age, depending on their age and status, men’s dressing up style differs much. Choosing the perfect custom wallets made of leather, however, is one of the most overlooks aspects of male attire.

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It is quite impressive how dressing up in stylish clothes for men is quite common. What sets apart an individual from the crowd is what kind of wallet he owns. Owning wallets that are of good quality and material will surely leave a lasting impression. And we all want that great impression, right?

Custom wallets made of leather have been sought for sophistication and elegance in the style that they give off. Although leather wallets are widely available in stores and are a norm these days, custom wallets made of leather, designed uniquely conveys a true man to heart.

So here is some guidance on why to prefer custom wallets and how to choose and care for them once you have purchased them.

Why Prefer Custom Wallets

A good custom wallet made of durable leather is guaranteed a lasting find. Indeed, custom leather wallets are one of the best that can be given to yourself or someone dear. Many prefer custom wallets made from leather because:

  1. Custom Wallets are Durable

In reality, wallets are used a lot of times in the day, thus, they should be durable and able to endure constant wear and tear. Leather is one durable material. It is perfect for custom wallets.

There are 2 types of commonly used leather in custom wallets:

  • Full-grain leather – This is identified as the highest grade of quality for leathers and it is more expensive. It is from the top layer of the hid. It also shows all the natural grain. Full-grain leather is more complicated to work for manufacturers of custom wallets.
  • Top grain leather – This other kind comes has removed the outermost layer of the hid and is the second-highest leather grade. This is a more workable leather as it is thinner. Although thinner, this leather is still reliable and more preferred by manufacturers of custom wallets.

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  1. Custom Wallets are Versatile

Leather-made custom wallets are also quite versatile. This is especially so when trying to fit a lot of cards or coins into it. Custom wallets made of leather are also firmer and more stretchable than other wallets made from other materials. Because leather stretches the custom wallet, more items can be fitted without breaking the pockets. Also, because leather is sturdier, it heavily protects its contents – the owner’s precious cards.

  1. Custom Wallets are Convenient to Use

The look and feel of owning a custom wallet made of leather cannot be frowned on. It sure appears simple and yet it conveniently holds the owner’s things together.  Custom wallets also give off a relaxed feel when used whether it is placed in the back jean pocket, jacket pocket, inside a handbag, or even a classy purse.

  1. Custom Wallets are Practical

As leather-made custom wallets are durable, able to carry a lot of items without breaking, and are not very costly, they are the most practical choice. Choosing the ideal leather wallet may warrant years and years of use. it is a great value for time and money resources long-term.

How to Choose the Leather-made Custom Wallets

It would be a great relief when one can find the custom wallet that will fit every need and requirement desired. There are various considerations to evaluate the perfect leather-made custom wallets that are just the right match.

How to Choose the Leather-made Custom Wallets

  1. Look for the best quality custom wallets

Asking where the leather came from and how it was produced and handled is quite important when looking for durable and exquisite custom wallets. Inquire about its care and note the common types of leather discussed above and pick based on your preference. Remember, that full grain and top grain leathers are the best there is for custom wallets.

  1. Choose the classy custom wallets

When it comes to finishes, choose a classier one by choosing natural tooling leather custom wallets or one that is lighter in tone. Leather can adopt character over time and therein lies the beauty of leather products like custom wallets.

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  1. Match it with dressing up styles

Choose leather-made custom wallets that match your everyday style. Men wearing jeans should opt for much lighter leather while mean wearing suits daily should try a more polished style with a traditional dark-toned finish.

  1. Mind the size of custom wallets

Some wallets may bother individuals when sitting. Medium-sized custom wallets around 3 – 3.5 inches by 4 – 4.5 inches are ideal for comfortable sitting. On the other hand, when the main idea of custom wallets is to put more stuff then the larger ones should be more fitting.

  1. Other practical things to consider
  • The right price and value for money
  • Security features like having RFID blocking mechanisms
  • Number of folds (tri-fold or bi-fold)
  • Number of compartments
  • Highly customizable like engravings

How to Take Care of Leather-made Custom Wallets

Having chosen the perfect one that fits every prerequisite in one’s list, custom wallets must be taken care of to maintain their beauty and quality. Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure to remove unnecessaries

It is natural for vacant spaces to be eventually filled with stuff. Custom wallets are the same. When there are lots of room, it might be occupied with things other than cards and bills. Unnecessary items must not be placed inside the wallet. Try to sort out the items previously placed inside the custom wallet and take out those that are not used daily. The stuff inside the wallet should only be those that are essential to be always carried around.

  1. Handle appropriately

Custom wallets suitable only for cards and bills should not be filled with coins, keys and other items that may potentially damage the cards inside should not be put inside the custom wallet. Instead, put change coins in another pocket. Also, regularly clean leather-made custom wallets with appropriate cleaning materials applicable for grease and stains.

Personal items like custom wallets that meet specific needs and styles are a treasury to have. Make sure to consider the tips in choosing the perfect one and the reminders on how to handle it after purchase and with continual use to prolong its lifespan.

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