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7 Top Online Casino Games For Nintendo Switch Console Owners

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It’s a long time for the Nintendo Switch to be recognized as a real platform that’s more than simply Mario Kart. Last year, a startling departure from “typical” Nintendo fare was made when GameCo published brand-new casino games exclusively for the Switch, just like exclusive games that you can only find on www.speelhiercasino.com.

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Over the last several months, Sony and Microsoft have been the subject of much attention because of the ongoing console wars. When the Nintendo Switch grabbed attention, it outsold the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Contrary to popular belief, Nintendo has been selling more units than any other system in the US throughout the majority of 2019 and the first half of 2020. The Nintendo Switch is on the verge of displacing the PSP of the top ten list among all greatest gaming consoles, with less than 80 million units sold globally.

Online casino is often associated with mobile or internet gaming, yet the games have sold well. To compile our list of the best online casino games for the Nintendo Switch, we took a look at these.

Video Poker at Aces Casino

It was published in April 2020, and this is the first of the newest GameCo games. It begins with video poker since it is the most accessible game for complete beginner players to learn.

Video Poker at Aces Casino Nintendo Switch

Familiarity with the game will make things easier for you. Almost all popular poker variants are available for this basic five-card draw. The variety of themes offered on this one, on the other hand, truly appeals to most.

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Lots of Slots

Lots of Slots are built to a high standard and can easily compete with the most advanced slot games in the world. With 25,000 chips from the start, you may play 15 different slot machines in your quest for a place on Super Rich’s Row as you enter the casino.

Only two games are accessible for open play at first, but your success may unlock further games. If you want a Vegas-style slot machine experience, this is the game for you.

Four Kings

In 2015, Digital Leisure debuted Four Kings, an interactive entertainment multiplayer casino experience in 3D. Even by today’s standards, that’s quite a concept, so you can see why it received so much attention. It’s not the usual environment for an MMO game, but this one works quite well anyhow.

The game has a Sims-like feel, which is a good thing, and in addition to the traditional casino games, you may customize your character in a guest house and a nightclub. Microtransactions are there, but clever use of the 10,000 chips you are granted on arrival might help you progress more quickly.

In the beginning, you can only play on the lower-stakes tables, but as you progress through the ranks, you may join the high-stakes tables. 4 Kings holds today as an excellent option for gamers who are looking for a unique RPG experience.

Vegas Party

Despite its 12-year existence, the original casino-style Switch game is a favorite among fans. It takes the shape of a race along the famed Las Vegas Strip if you haven’t tried it yet.

In addition to 10 excellent mini-games based on casino classics, we must learn several possibilities and obstacles to enjoy the game. The classic casino games include roulette, Texas Hold’em, and baccarat, which are worth the entry fee alone.

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Roulette at Aces Casino

European and American roulette and a special Ghost Table are available for a little extra fun. The Ghost Table is an excellent addition if you’re looking for a good roulette simulation.

There are so many more options available at online casinos these days, like countless wheels and lightning bonuses, that the developers may have missed. Aces Casino is a great spot for Switch gamers to try their luck at roulette, even though there’s nothing quite like it.

The Poker Club

Released in time for the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s launch, Poker Club boasts of being the most realistic poker sim ever. Those initial glitches didn’t help, either, and that’s a strong claim.

Poker Club online casino

Many of those who took the time to wait for the necessary fixes and dedication have been rewarded with an expansive selection of multiplayer tournaments as well as some superb single-player variants of the world’s most widely played card game. The “best” claim may be exaggerated, but Poker Club is a worthwhile addition to your gaming library regardless.

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Slots of Poker

In this game, you can find There are six different slot games in this collection, but they are all poker-based in the sense that they payout based on video poker hands.

As a result, players can earn rewards starting with a pair of jacks, with the jackpot being awarded to those with a royal flush. Leveling up unlocks more and more machines, much like in Lots of Slots. If you’re only going to buy one game from the new Aces Casino series, we recommend this one.

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