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7 Tips For An Sustainable Office Move

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Moving offices can be a stressful process, but if you follow these helpful tips, you’ll be able to streamline the process and be environmentally conscious. These tips will cover factors like handling waste from the move, cleaning the office space, and which environmentally conscious products you can buy for the move. To make a sustainable office move, consider the following tips:

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1. Reuse And Recycle

One of the best ways to be environmentally conscious is to reuse or recycle items around your office. Items like damaged cardboard boxes or duplicate copies of paperwork can be recycled along with old drinking glasses and old furniture. If you will be using any bins during the move, consider a bin rental service in Brampton instead of buying new bins.

If you can, DIY and repair some items for reuse at the new office instead of buying new items.

You can repaint and varnish old furniture, cabinets, or desks with eco-friendly products. By recycling and reusing some items from your old office, you lessen the environmental impact of your move.

2. Use Green Cleaning Products

When preparing for a big move, there is a lot of cleaning involved. Not only will you have to clean your old office, but you also need to clean the new one before moving in. When cleaning, make sure you use green cleaning products that won’t negatively impact the environment. Green cleaning products contain fewer toxic chemicals and are biodegradable.

Green Cleaning products also use natural ingredients and are not harsh on the skin while cleaning. If you wear gloves during cleaning, make sure the gloves are made from recycled material or are bio-degradable. The office will be clean and smell fresh in no time for new tenants, and your new office will be clean and inviting.

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3. Don’t Use Too Much Water

During a move, you may use water, whether it’s for cleaning or just drinking. Make sure to be water-wise and monitor how much water you use during the move. You can use a bucket to use the water in a more efficient way while cleaning as opposed to using running water. If you have a way to contact your local municipality, ask them for access to a purification plant.

If you have no access to a purification plant, you can teach yourself how to purify water by yourself in anticipation of the move. You can also hire an environmentally-conscious cleaning company as they will already have protocols for saving water during the cleaning process.

4. Use Re-Usable Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes Moving offices

Storage boxes are very handy and can be reused many times. Make sure you get storage boxes made from recycled materials and use them to put in all your office equipment and paraphernalia. They come in sizes ranging from compact, small, to large, so you will be able to pick boxes that are compatible with your move. This saves space in the moving truck as you will need fewer storage boxes.

Re-usable storage boxes are also easy to clean. Once you have moved into the new office space, all you have to do is clean down the storage box and put it away in self-storage to be reused again.

5. Use Self-Storage Where Required

If your new office is a really long drive away, then consider using self-storage to prevent driving up and down if there is a lot to move. You will be able to only bring essential items to your new office and leave any extra furniture, cabinets, or equipment in storage for donating or recycling later.

You can move everything out of your office and into storage instead of driving up and down with items you might not need at the new office. Make sure you use the services of an environmentally conscious storage company. Ask the company questions regarding their methods of storage before deciding.

6. Donate Anything You Won’t Use

While you are sorting through your office equipment, supplies, and furniture, consider which items to donate. Putting all your equipment into a moving truck means it can become heavier. A heavier moving truck requires more fuel to run, so make sure you donate items before the move. This way, the truck will be lighter as you would have packed only essential items into the truck.

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7. Hire Eco-Friendly Movers

You can also have the option of hiring an eco-friendly moving company. An eco-friendly company will consider all the tips on this list and be able to make your moving process simpler. There are many eco-friendly movers listed in the classifieds and online so make sure you find the right one for you. They will be able to reduce the environmental impact of your move, and you will be able to relax knowing that.


By following the tips listed, you will be able to simplify your move and take care of the environment. Always remember to donate anything you are not using and only consider self-storage if you use the items again at some point. You will be able to move into your brand-new office in no time with less negative environmental impact.

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