7 reasons to buy a used electric car

With people becoming environment-conscious and fuel prices rising used electric cars are preferred by people nowadays. They can be called a “diamond in a coal mine” as they are...
7 reasons to buy a used electric car

With people becoming environment-conscious and fuel prices rising used electric cars are preferred by people nowadays. They can be called a “diamond in a coal mine” as they are efficient, economical and can be purchased easily by a person. Additionally, not much money is spent on their service and maintenance too. Thus it makes it the right choice for every first-time buyer of a car. Also if you want to reduce your carbon footprint it is a favorable choice. Here are a few pros why buying a used car for a first time user is recommended.



buy a used electric car

  1. Saves you a lot of money:- buying a new vehicle and mostly for a first-time buyer can be difficult in terms of expense as one has to plan in advance and take debt from a bank. Thus in order to get rid of the hassle of buying a used electric car is preferred. A used car saves up to 30% of your money. So why not go for one.
  2. Better driving experience: – An electric car is better as compared to a vehicle that operates on fuel such as petrol as it does not have a combustion engine so it makes less noise and offers a smooth driving experience. Various websites such as Auto city, Cars24, etc. can help you refine your search for your preferred used electric car. Thus it is recommended to buy a used car for all first-time buyers.
  3. Electric cars are environment-friendly: – Another advantage of having an electric car is that it does not add pollutants to the air. The level of pollutants in the air is on a rise and a time will come when it will be on a peak and it will be difficult for future generations to breathe. Thus these cars can help reduce the pollutants in the atmosphere. Reuse to reduce which is important to be taken care of for future generations.
  4. Saves up on the cost of maintenance: – Having an electric means you don’t have to take the vehicle for oil changes and tune-up. In a normal car, there are certain parts that fail and need replacement. Regular service of electric vehicles includes rotating the wheel or checking the brake pads and other components.
  5. Public charging stations becoming more common:- According to statistics, there are nearly 21000 public charging stations in the United States. They have doubled over the last couple of years. You can easily find them in public parking garages at airports, office buildings, and hospitals. There are 240-volt chargers that can restore an electric vehicle battery for around four hours. Another alternative is the use of 3 DC fast charger that can replenish vehicle battery to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes.
  6. Reduced Emissions:- Emissions are harmful to the environment so we must invest in electric cars to improve public health and prevent ecological damage. Charging your electric vehicle on renewable energy sources such as solar or wind minimizes these emissions more.
  7. No insurance investment:- Buying new insurance for an electric car is an expensive thing. There is more equity at risk if you are involved in a crash. You don’t have to invest in the policy so much if you buy a second-hand electric vehicle.
  8. No battery replacements:- Buying a used electric vehicle won’t let you replace the battery for 10 to 20 years. It has the capacity to cover a distance of 150000 miles. Manufacturers have proven themselves in this sector giving prospective buyers a chance to buy a used vehicle.
  9. Plenty of options to fit lifestyle and budget:- It is a better option for those who want to drive around the town or parents who want a cheap car for their children. If you frequently use the car to commute or go on electric trips you can buy pre-owned with plug-in hybrids. The majority of the individuals believe that they would never go back to gasoline after using an electric vehicle. If you are thinking of buying an electric car you can visit Autocity.
  10. Federal Tax Credit: –You get a great car with a great price as these cars are saved from the federal tax credit and state rebate. These are paid in less as compared to other cars. There are good deals one can choose from in electric vehicles.


Due to all these benefits, one must use electric vehicles. It is better to invest in something that is budget as well as environment-friendly rather than buying anything. It is mandatory to get it checked before bringing it home and perform regular maintenance on it. If you are the first time buyer of a car you can research or consult your loved ones before investing in it. There are numerous places you can buy a used electric vehicle but you need to look for those which match your requirements and budget.

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Mary Staab is a San Diego based Auto Financing blogger with many years of experience covered with Car sell/buy in San Diego, Financing and trading Autos. She has started her carrier from Auto City in 2010. Auto City only offers the highest-quality used cars for sale at extremely competitive prices. That special combination of quality and affordability adds up to one thing – real value to you, the customer.

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