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6 Wellness Benefits Of A Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillow

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Neck pillows are an excellent innovation to aid better sleep quality. They also provide solutions to recurring body aches related to poor sleeping posture. Plus, these pillows also offer comfort and support for those who have orthopedic conditions.

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While the typical and traditional cotton-filled or synthetic fiber-filled pillows also provide comfort to their users, another pillow stuffing you can consider is buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat neck roll pillows take comfort and relief to the next level. There are many advantages of using one for sleeping, sitting, and even traveling, as they’re made to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

If you’re looking into trying and investing in a buckwheat neckroll pillow, or perhaps, this may be your first time hearing of it, here are six wellness benefits worth noting:

1. Helps Relieve Pressure On Your Neck And Shoulders

Most neck roll pillows can help relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders. However, when using a typical sleeping pillow, your head may sink in, putting unnecessary stress on your upper body. For that reason, this may cause severe discomfort during sleep and trigger upper body aches once you get up.

While other filling materials can help address and relieve neck and shoulder problems, a Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillow can give additional pain relief. Buckwheat hulls are firmer compared to fiber fillings. Plus, you can adjust the pillow’s firmness by removing some hulls to fit your needs and preferences.

A buckwheat pillow with the proper filling density is considered best for relieving pressure on your shoulders. And since your neck doesn’t sink in, it can effectively support your body’s needs.

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2. Aids In Preventing Neck And Upper Back Pain

Neck and upper back pain are among the most common problems among working adults. There are many possible causes of upper body pain, and poor sleeping posture is one. And as such, if you’re experiencing any discomfort while sleeping, it may be time to consider grabbing a neck pillow.

Getting enough comfort and support on your neck while sleeping can help prevent pain. And more so, a buckwheat neck pillow is firm enough to provide ample support to help maintain your normal blood flow while you sleep. It can also help minimize or avoid breathing problems, which you may experience when your pillow is too thin and soft.

You may check out this video https://youtu.be/cHnPN14dtso to learn more about the specifications of buckwheat neck roll pillows and their advantages.

3. Gives Comfort During Hot Days

Buckwheat neck roll pillows are more breathable than any regular neck pillows. This is because buckwheat hull filling helps enable good airflow, perfect for those residing in hot and humid climates.

Breathability is the top priority when sleeping on hot days. And for that reason, buckwheat hulls can give extra comfort by keeping the pillow core cool. This feature helps keep you fresh and comfy for an uninterrupted sleep every night.

In addition, a premium-quality buckwheat neck roll pillow is also durable. But you can have the option to replace the buckwheat hull filling when it shows deterioration after several years.

4. Promotes Better Sleep

Promotes Better Sleep Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillow

A buckwheat neck roll pillow is known to aid better sleep, as it can offer unparalleled comfort to its user. It brings a perfect balance between support and relief. The buckwheat hull fillings make the pillow more flexible, as they compress and loosen according to your needs and head shape. And as a result, this type of neck roll pillow can help eliminate various types of upper body discomfort to ensure a good quality sleep.

Moreover, buckwheat hulls give off a natural, earthy smell that aids relaxation. This organic material is also perfect for those experiencing allergic reactions to other pillow materials.

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5. Provides Comfort When Travelling

A neck roll pillow is widely known and used during travels, especially since it offers flexibility in use and function. And because of its compact size and lighter weight, it’s a convenient travel companion. And while you can also gain benefits from a traditional neck roll pillow, using a buckwheat neck roll pillow can offer more.

Buckwheat neck roll pillows are better than the typical u-shaped travel pillows in terms of support. This is especially true since the buckwheat hull fillings can be easily modified to fit your sleeping position, which can be beneficial when you’re sitting on a long flight or a car ride. The filling of a typical neck roll pillow is generally fixed. So, if it does not fit your sleeping needs, it may cause you more pain or discomfort than providing you with a comfortable sleeping position.

6. Supports Lower Back When Sitting

Another excellent function of neck roll pillows is providing lumbar support when sitting. It’s best for those who spend long hours sitting at work or simply for a better lounging experience.

To use a buckwheat neck roll pillow when sitting, place one on your lower back horizontally. This method can help prevent back pain by improving posture, especially when sitting still for several hours.

Moreover, buckwheat neck roll pillows have adjustable firmness. Some stores grant requests to overfill your pillow if you want extra firmness. You can indicate your preference upon purchase to ensure it fits your needs. However, ordering an overfilled pillow is the wisest choice since you can always remove some fillings, later on, depending on your preference.


Buckwheat neck roll pillows are some of the best wellness innovations pillow and sleep companies came up with. They’re also more sustainable compared to synthetic pillows. These eco-friendly pillows provide countless health benefits to keep you comfy everywhere you go.

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