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6 Tips For A Stress-Free Cargo Shipping

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Anything that makes your life easier you’re interested to hear about, right? For many years, humans have been moving cargo from one point to another. 

If you don’t know how to go about it, cargo shipping can stress you so much till you give up. But do you know there are several tips you can employ to ensure that you have a great experience when moving your goods from one point to another? 

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Companies offering cargo tracking services have been established to make the process easier. Cargo tracking is crucial as it helps to minimize anxiety as you can see the progress of your cargo shipping. 

This article discusses tips you ought to know when shipping your cargo. Read on!

1. Know The Dimension Of Your Cargo Beforehand

Before you start the shipping process, you must note down the dimensions of your freight. This piece of information is important when obtaining all the permits required to transport your goods legally. Measuring the size of your cargo will save you money and time; a few inches more will mean more money and time taken to facilitate the paperwork.

2. Provide Accurate Information

Giving incorrect information is one of the common mistakes made when shipping goods. Any mistake in size and weight means that your freight is at risk of not fitting on the delivery vessel (car or ship).

You’ll be forced to incur an extra cost when looking for another delivery vessel to carry your cargo. Can you imagine the customer’s disappointment when the shipment fails to arrive on time?

To avoid all of this hassle, it’s worth double-checking the dimension and weight of your cargo to ensure it fits the delivery vessel guaranteeing it reaches its destination on time. 

It’s also crucial that you provide accurate destination details. Providing precise details is key to avoiding delays.

Also, you should state clearly what is to be transported. As you might know, tax, import duty, and laws vary from one product to another.

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3. Proper Packaging

This is another tip to ensure you have stress-free shipping. Although proper packaging ensures your goods are protected during transportation, it also ensures that the cargo meets the set requirements of the country you’re shipping to.

Understand the packaging requirements of the destination country early enough. This will give you a good time to arrange for any specialized packaging if required. 

4. Choose A Reputable Shipping Company

A good company is responsible for ensuring the success of your cargo shipping and in some cases, taking care of all the tedious legal work on your behalf.

There are some factors you can employ to ensure you choose a reputable company and they include:

  • Customer reviews – Go through the available feedbacks to gauge whether that company is eligible to transport your good. Are they able to satisfy customer’s needs? If the company has a negative rating, this may be your cue to move to another company.

Also, you must know that some fraud companies may pay to have a positive rating. For this reason, you must conduct an intensive background check. Ask your friends or acquaintances within your area if they had shipped through that particular company.

  • Pricing – Price is an essential factor you should consider when choosing a company to transport your goods. Reach out to different shipping companies to get an average shipping cost to avoid paying much when shipping your goods. 

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5. Obtain All The Required Documentation

Before transporting your cargo, ensure you visit all the necessary departments. This will save you from being convicted in the destination country.

While there, ask about the required packaging, controlled goods to avoid losing your license or, even worse, being thrown into prison. 

6. Consider Purchasing Supplemental Insurance 

Most shipping companies will offer you an insurance package, but you might want to add an additional insurance cover. Purchasing supplemental insurance will ensure that your goods are safe no matter what might happen. 

Some companies may offer additional insurance cover, but if they don’t you can look for other insurance companies within your country.


Although the process of cargo shipping can be hectic, applying the above tips won’t only ensure you deliver your goods on time but also help you avoid unnecessary costs. Knowing the dimension of your cargo, providing accurate information, proper packaging, working with a reputable shipping company, obtaining the required documents, and insuring your cargo is all that you need to do.

Make sure you talk to your forwarder. If you have any questions concerning the shipment process, don’t hesitate to ask, they will advise you accordingly.

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