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5 Exit Strategies for Your Small Business

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At the time of launching your new business, you need to plan for an exit strategy simultaneously. This is a wise move, since not all businesses manage to succeed as planned. Such strategies are also crucial if you plan to move on or retire. It should be done in a proper manner and take care of your needs, employees and customer base. With some research, you can come across different types. But which one to choose will depend on your business type and your specific needs.

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Importance of Exit Strategies

You need to select the best available strategy as it can make a major difference during transition. Understanding your exit timeline, it allows you to determine the project types to undertake. It includes short-term vs. long-term growth projects.

The strategy should also include succession planning. It will help avoid leadership vacuum once you exit and ensure your employees are able to continue. You also get sufficient time to inculcate new leadership from within your company. The small business exit strategies you select should prove to be useful to the new company owners to run it effectively. They should not find it tough to understand the business operations.

Moreover, with proper strategy, it is possible to keep up to date, revenue analysis, cash flow and performance.

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5 successful exit strategy business plan to follow

1. Mergers:

It is often used combined with acquisitions, but is different. Two equal sized companies join forces in a merger to combine or merge their business. Entrepreneurs should take this opportunity to retire and exit completely from the business. With a merger, no cash exchange takes place. But then, it will be essential to set share distribution or buyout terms.

2. Acquisitions:

Acquisitions Exit Strategies

In this particular strategy, the bigger business buys a smaller one. The benefit derived from this strategy is that it boosts the smaller company’s valuation. You can profit more from its sale. The anonymity derived from the sale permits you to enjoy better deals and rate unlike selling it to someone known. But the larger company on acquisition of your company might make significant changes to your company. Your employees may even face negative effects. Chances are also high of your company losing its original identity on absorption. Success with this Exit Strategy depends on the potential buyer market. Correct timing will enable better profits.

3. IPO (Initial Public Offering):

This particular strategy takes significant time. It requires selling entire or part of your company in the public market. You still get to continue with the day to day affair of the business with your management team. However, you are to follow additional regulations. As you operate, your investors and employees might choose to sell stock to make money. You may also choose to sell off your stock and retire from business.

4. Sell business to friends, relatives or employees:

It is one of the popular Exit Strategies opted across the globe. It is also referred to as ‘friendly buyer’. Long-term management buyout can be considered if selling your business to your employee. It can be a better strategy if you believe in preserving your legacy. Selling to someone known also involves less due diligence. But it can be a costly process.

5. Liquidation:

This exit strategy business plan works in two ways. You may choose to liquidate your business over a period of time. It works perfectly for ‘lifestyle businesses’. Here, you pay yourself until nothing is left. The second type is to close off any asset and sell it off quickly. It enables greater efficiency and can be done quickly. In this process, there are chances of losing valuable assets such as business relationships.

You can consult the industry professionals to choose the best exit strategy business plan for your business.

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