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5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Going Digital

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It is no secret that businesses have mostly moved from the physical world and brick-and-mortar shops to the digital world and different devices and that, to remain afloat, you need to adapt as well. Since digital transformation has become a necessity, there are many examples of successful transformations, as well as those less successful for you to learn from. To make this digital transition as smooth as possible, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.



Winging it without clear goals

This transition is no small deal and if you wish to create a structure that would be able to develop and grow, later on, you need to pay attention to all the elements at play. Although improvisation is sometimes useful, starting head-on without any preparation or goals, in this case, can result in failure even before you begin.

A digital transformation doesn’t only imply working on your website or apps but changing the way you communicate with your customers. This will be a great chance for you, your employees, and customers as well. If the transition isn’t smooth, you risk losing all your current customers which is not a good start to expanding your customer base. This is why you need to think hard about your goals and how you will achieve them before you embark on this venture. 

Failing to consider the changes in roles

changes in roles

This change your business is going through will also demand to redefine the roles your employees have since for some, the daily tasks will change severely. For instance, CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) and CIOs (Chief Information Officer) usually go through a huge identity crisis which comes as no surprise considering the transformation is digital.

What often happens is that everything they studied is not that useful anymore, so they feel lost at sea and frightened about losing their jobs. However, all of this is to be expected so to help prevent quality employees from leaving your company, you need to, for starters, notify them on time about everything. Then, you should organize additional training so they would feel more confident about their skills and knowledge. And lastly, you need to redefine their daily tasks and goals so that they know exactly what is expected of them.


Not setting clear rules on equipment usage

If the tasks are completed meticulously and on time, there is no reason to make a fuss out of them texting their partners a few times during work hours. However, if they are using your company’s equipment, such as laptops and tablets, for online shopping and web surfing, such behavior can put your business network at risk of security breaches. 

This is why introducing a BYOD (bring your own device) practice might help with raising awareness about the importance of separating personal and business communication. BYOD will motivate them to practice smarter preventative measures on all devices. Of course, you can choose to pay in full for the device or help them, for example, choose interest-free mobile phones with a convenient repayment period so it doesn’t put a strain on their budget. All in all, network security and equipment usage are important matters you need to tend to.

Letting your guard down before the end

If you see that the whole process of your business’s digital transformation is going well, this is not a time to relax but to work even harder. Naturally, the goal is not to be stressed out all the time but letting your guard down just because you are satisfied that things are going well can lead to mistakes and you can lose both time and money. 

Instead of ceasing to monitor the progress, this is the perfect moment to appraise the situation and update your employees on how their hard work fits into the larger picture of your digital transformation. Showing appreciation for their work will motivate them to double their efforts and you can support them additionally by rewarding those that stood out. Also, who better to point out certain things that could be improved than your employees who are immersed in the change the most?  

Not leveraging on accumulated data

Being inexperienced at most things digital, businesses often collect a vast amount of data, as they very well should but they fail to use them in any manner. The data that you collect on your customers are a gold mine that can lead you to many great marketing and content strategies. You need to leverage everything that you can use to take your business to the next level.


Also, the accumulated data might tell you that you are doing something wrong. In that case, you need to rethink some practices and adapt them on time to avoid getting caught in financial issues. Data-driven decisions are the most prudent way to go about going digital and expanding your customer base. 

Wrapping up

Guiding your business through a digital transformation is not a sprint but a marathon with many short-term successes and unexpected obstacles as well. This is why it is wise to ensure you don’t make mistakes which could have been avoided simply because your time and money can be directed towards something better than correcting mistakes. And now it is time to set sail to the exciting waters of the digital world!

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