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5 Amenities Every Travel Lodging Business Should Have

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Running a travel lodging business means keeping up with trends that are taking over the hospitality industry. Remember that your establishment isn’t the only one of its kind, so competition can be overwhelming. You need to constantly think of ways to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back.

If you don’t have the budget yet to renovate or scale your business, the best thing to do is to offer the right amenities to ensure your guests will be happy throughout their stay. With word-of-mouth advertising, you’re more likely to stand out from the rest. As a result, your travel lodge will stay on its track and hopefully expand when the right time comes.

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Aside from excellent service and competitive rates, having necessary and attractive amenities can give you an edge over your competitors in the travel lodging business. To give you an idea, here are some of the amenities your business should have:

1. Fast And Reliable Internet Access 

According to Wave Internet, guests are highly likely to check in if an establishment has reliable Wi-Fi internet access. In most cases, customers won’t even care if their room has no free shampoo as long as there’s a free Wi-Fi connection. Needless to say, having this amenity is critical. And if your rooms don’t come with it, it’s high time to consider getting it done as soon as possible.

Make sure you choose a service provider that caters to businesses and establishments of various scales. Ideally, you want an internet provider that can hook you up with high-speed internet with complete Wi-Fi mesh systems to ensure your whole establishment will be given access to the internet without interruption.

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2. Free Parking 

Free parking is always a big hit among travelers, particularly for weekenders looking to get some time off for at least two days. People coming from different cities or towns usually bring their vehicles when going out of town, so they need to have the guarantee that their car will be secure as they spend the night in your lodge. 

Hotels, motels, and other travel lodging businesses typically have parking spaces, but not all offer the area for free. So, free parking is something you might want to offer to your clientele to boost your booking and reservation rates.

3. Kitchenette 

If you want to have the edge over nearby hotels in your area, you can include a kitchenette among your lodging amenities. Such a feature can be attractive among family travelers and vacationers who like the idea of having a small kitchen or cooking area where they can prepare a quick breakfast or heat their food when necessary.

You can include a small dining table and chairs, microwave for heating food or cooking popcorn, coffee maker, and fridge. Having these amenities can make your guests feel somewhat at home even while traveling.

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4. Recreational And Fitness Facilities 

If your travel lodging business tends to be among the top choices among business travelers and young professionals, adding facilities and equipment for fitness and recreational purposes is a great idea. Guests will be more inclined to book at your establishment knowing that they can be entertained and active throughout their stay.

You can entice travelers by offering free fitness and meditation classes such as yoga and aerobics. If you don’t have an in-house gym, you can offer exclusive discounted rates at a nearby fitness center.

5. Quality Toiletries

Hotels, inns, and motels typically come with complementary toiletries, but frequent travelers would know that most of those toiletries aren’t high quality. Guests end up not using them, or even if they try it, the products end up in waste bins.

Quality Toiletries Travel lodging business

If you want your clients to enjoy their stay, you need to make sure they’ll love everything that comes with their room. Offering premium toiletries such as shampoo, hair conditioner, luxurious liquid soaps, fresh and fragrant bath towels, and even shaving balms can go a long way in impressing your guests. You may also throw in hairdryers, which will look good on your listings whenever potential customers hover over the amenities section.


The travel lodging industry continues to be a lucrative one, especially since travel deals and airfare discounts are common nowadays. As such, it’s a wise step to invest in amenities that customers will appreciate and enjoy. You can expect satisfied guests to keep on coming back to stay in your establishment. They’re also more likely to recommend your hotel or inn to their friends and family because of the excellent service and irresistible amenities.

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