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4 Tips When Redesigning Your Company Website 

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When you’re thinking about updating or overhauling your company website, there are a million considerations before you touch anything. Of course, the primary reason for a site overhaul is to make things more attractive and usable for your visitors. On the flip side, you need to think about management and upkeep, as well as identify who your primary users are and how you can redesign with them in mind.

Continue reading to learn about the things to keep top-of-mind when considering a website redesign, or choosing the best website design services for your business.

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Identify your primary users

Identify primary users

When you are thinking about making changes to your site, remember to keep your primary users and potential customers in mind every step of the way. No matter how great your site may look, you will not be getting the most out of it unless it is highly attractive to your client and customer base.

The more clear, fresh and consistent your branding is, the more success you will have. That absolutely extends to how you represent yourself to your primary users on your site.

Prioritize mobile

Think about it, how often do you come across a new brand and site on your phone as opposed to on your desktop? Whether someone sends you something through text, you learn about something on social media, or you are simply surfing the web while bored on your couch, you need to make sure that everything you do with a site upgrade is optimized for mobile. Making sure that your site is able to load properly and work well if visited by mobile is crucial when it comes to expanding your customer list and clicks.

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Include a call to action

Call to action may seem like an empty buzz phrase, but it absolutely is not. When you are rehauling your site, make sure that your company’s call to action for your potential customers is clearly pronounced. For example, something like “Follow us on Instagram to see our newest confectionary creations!” is a great example. In fact, every main landing page of your site should include at least one CTA.

Structure for scale

Never make the mistake of building a website that is only capable of meeting your current needs. After all, it can be really hard to manage an inflow of interest and clicks if your site is not prepared to take on the extra pressures of a successful and growing brand.

A simple thing like avoiding single points of failure (SPOF) is critical for you if you are planning on utilizing your upcoming upgrade for several years to come.

Remember to ask yourself questions like where you will keep your website’s data, how you will be able to access it, and how often you will need to back it up when you are in the process of updating your site.

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