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4 Tips to Help You Go Solar

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Solar panel installations have increased to over 43%, up from 2 million in 2019. Going solar comes with various benefits both for the environment and your home.

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That said, solar panels do cost a pretty penny up front. They also require you to adjust quite a bit from traditional household energy. So how do you navigate this sunny alternative?

Read on about these 4 tips to help you go solar easier!

1. Check Out Your Roof and Location

Solar panels go on your roof, so you need a roof in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you’ll need the proper funds to repair it.

You should schedule repairs before your solar panel installation. This better streamlines the process. You have to uninstall, then reinstall your solar panel if you repair the roof after the initial solar panel installment.

Additionally, consider your surroundings. Solar panels only work well with plenty of sunlight. Ensure you live somewhere that gets enough sun exposure.

You also want somewhere without trees or foliage obstructing the sunlight.

Check out your state’s net metering laws, too. Some places credit solar panel owners for their electricity use.

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2. Find the Right Solar Panel

Find the Right Solar Panel Solar savings

Many people go with the cheapest solar panel they can find. This typically backfires on them.

Cheaper solar panels tend to break more easily. They either need more repairs more often or require more replacements.

Furthermore, less expensive solar panels have a reputation to start fires. This potentially damages other areas in your home and even your own life.

In short, invest in a quality solar panel to save more money in the long run.

3. Choose a Reputable Installer

Solar panel installers prove just as important as the solar panel itself for reasons similar to the above. A faulty installer can cause solar panel malfunctions or inefficiencies. This means more installer visits for you and more money for them.

You should research your best options and find quality commercial solar companies that suits your budget.

Reputable places like Blue Raven Solar remain honest and upfront with you. Check out their site for more info.

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4. Check Out Solar Loans

Nowadays, many places offer loans for solar panels, especially as they grow in popularity. Generally, solar loans should cost less than your current utility bills.

Essentially, it should save you money.

Remember to double-check fees and interest rates.

Should You Go Solar?

Ultimately, the decision to go solar depends on several factors. Solar panels should mean solar savings. You need to consider whether you can afford solar panels’ hefty, upfront costs and if you live in the appropriate area.

Overall, renewable energy remains a stellar option if you have the means. It prioritizes the environment and can save you money. Even if your current budget or circumstance prohibits a solar panel, you can always come back to it in the future. Solar panels are here to stay!

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