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3 Key Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website

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Digital marketing’s necessary in today’s tech-savvy business world. For that reason, it’s no surprise the online advertising industry’s worth a booming $134.66 billion.

That said, a common misconception in business is having to buy your way to the top. The truth is, while all businesses are an investment, there are many ways to improve your website traffic naturally.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your long-standing business, website traffic’s everything. It impacts your sales, brand, and idea of success.

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Gone are the days where you hope people will see your site. Here’s what to know about gaining traffic.

Driving Traffic

If you’re looking to grow traffic for your business, understanding big data’s a good place to start. Knowing how to play the online traffic game can help you use the best digital marketing strategies.

A common way to gain traffic for your website’s using SEO—or search engine optimization.

To influence search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to use keywords in your content. This pings the database to deem your site trustworthy over time.

Once you master the basics, you’ll want to follow these top three tips for growing your traffic.

1. Amplify Platforms

While sometimes less is more, website traffic has a more the merrier method. Beyond your website, complement your business with an online presence. This means using:

  • Facebook for community shares or paid ads
  • Twitter for customer engagement
  • Instagram for creative content
  • LinkedIn for professional announcements
  • Email for networking

Since each platform has a different function, having more maximizes outreach. Once you have several followings, you can connect all your media back to your website.

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2. Guest Posts

Guest Post

Writing guest posts benefits you and the other company. Related backlinks increase and improve your traffic as a result. Consider it a way to share the virtual wealth.

Since you’ll likely gain traffic this way, remember to refine and edit your own content too. That means:

  • Editing and/or updating old posts
  • Merging similar posts
  • Using google analytics to track traffic
  • Diversifying layout with multimedia

Traffic numbers don’t lie. Check them after you make these changes to see the impact.

3. Collaborate 

In the way guest posts help both parties, collaborating with other brands can help you grow your traffic. Common ways to do this are:

  • Going on podcasts
  • Ranking Youtube videos
  • Answering consumer questions

The more front-and-center you are, the more people will keep up with your website.

It helps to look at other lines of work. Even if you’re in food service, see what you can learn from gaming digital marketing services. Inspiration strikes from all angles!

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The Preferred Traffic Jam

Almost 4.9 billion people use the internet today. Depending on your market, that means you have an opportunity to reach that many people and make at least that many sales.

Websites hold uncapped potential, a desirable trait for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Growing, driving, and sustaining traffic’s the name of the game. Make sure your site’s the one people want to visit.

For more on promoting your most popular business, check out our latest blog posts!

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