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10 Ways to Implement a Customer Advocacy Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Regardless of the kind of business you run, you will deal with clients. After all, without them, your company wouldn’t exist at all. They serve as the cornerstone of your enterprise. Strong customer advocacy is one of the numerous benefits of placing a strong emphasis on your customers’ demands. Harvard Business School Press estimates that a 12% rise in customer engagement can result in a 200% increase in revenue for businesses.

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How, then, do you foster consumer loyalty? How can you make the best use of it? The following are the 10 ways to implement a customer advocacy marketing strategy for your business. So, keep reading and learn everything about it.

1. Begin by selecting a few Customer Advocates.

As was already established, a 12% increase in customer advocacy can actually result in increased sales. In terms of numbers, this translates to a small number of customers who are thrilled about your product. Secondly, it would only increase your visibility in the market.

2. Establish A Feedback Loop

Companies need feedback mechanisms to comprehend the problems that customers face. New feature requests and usability issues were frequent from our users. This enhances product development while also providing us with a chance to interact with customers.

3. Establish Your Customer Advocacy Campaign Using NPS

Establish Your Customer Advocacy Campaign Using NPS Customer feedback

Customer feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be valuable tools for identifying your most devoted clients.

You can contact folks who are advocates and provide fantastic reviews by setting up NPS pop-ups in your products or on the webpage. When they have had a positive experience, they will tell others about you. And they’ll value your acknowledgment.

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4. Customer Advocacy Marketing = Successful Customers

Customer reviews must be a known concept to you. Nearly all business websites would include testimonials from satisfied clients.

By collaborating with these clients to produce marketing content like client successful projects, you can take this to the next level.

5. Customer Advocacy Boosts Online Recommendations

As previously mentioned, whenever anyone hears excellent customer feedback from somebody they know, their likelihood to become a customer increases significantly. Indeed, compared to other clients you might acquire, consumers who are suggested by other people have a retention percentage that is 37% higher.

6. Do Not Take Customer Loyalty Easily

Building a foundation of trust between your company and your consumer consumes a lot of time and effort. But all it takes for that trust to be completely lost is one unpleasant encounter. So, be sure to keep your customers in mind at all times.

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7. Make the Entire Process More Customer-Centric

A long-term approach (but one that will pay off!) is customer-centricity.

Every stage of the business cycle needs to be customer-centric. Not simply the business and customer service departments are accountable for it. KPIs connected to customers should be utilized in every area.

Customer Centric Customer Advocacy

8. Always Respond and Facilitate the Good Comments by Customers

The shared consumer feedback of others and word-of-mouth influence purchasing decisions greatly. By developing a customer advocate program that compensates current clients for their favorable reviews and recommendations, you may promote word-of-mouth.

9. Live Upto the Expectations of the Customers

Customer feedback can help you build your brand. The opinions of your customers can reveal a lot regarding your brand and product.

  • What do they find appealing?
  • Or, what language do they employ?
  • Or, what do they anticipate of you?

Utilize this data to refine your brand’s mission and product strategy.

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10. Always Keep Your Audience Aware About All the Policies

And let your customers know that the organization is making changes in response to their feedback since it values them so much. You can’t live without them, that much is true.


These are the top 10 ways to implement a customer advocacy marketing strategy for your business. Utilize them to increase sales and growth of your business organization.

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