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10 Benefits of Aviation Services in Malta

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The Maltese economy depends heavily on the aviation sector, which also considerably impacts GDP. The Maltese identity and culture are also fundamentally reliant on the aviation sector. Malta has always been essential for aircraft and crews on long-haul flights. This is because of the island’s closeness to North Africa and the Middle East. As a result, the Maltese have a rich history and a strong passion for flying. By reading on, you can discover the advantages of aviation services if you want to establish a business in Malta.

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1. Strategic Location

A little island nation called Malta can be found in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a key location for aviation services despite its small size. Due to its geographic centrality, the nation is reachable from the Middle East, Africa, and the continent of Europe. Due to the central location of the nation, businesses may reach a huge market with little effort and expense. It is a perfect place for retiring foreigners looking for a safe space.

2. Malta Has a Favorable Tax Regime for Aviation Companies

Because of Malta’s business-friendly tax climate, the aviation industry there is thriving. The country has bilateral agreements with numerous other nations and membership in the European Union and the International Civil Aviation Organization. The 5% flat tax rate on profits in Malta’s tax system makes it one of the most competitive in the world. There are no limits on who can own a Maltese corporation, and foreigners can take their money out of the country whenever they like. This makes company formation Malta easy to go about without challenges, unlike other countries.

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3. Highly Qualified Workforce

As a result of the high quality and education of its people, Malta is a fantastic location for conducting business. The Maltese population possesses various talents and expertise, having worked in various fields. Pilots, engineers, and air traffic controllers are a few of the highly qualified professionals operating in the industry. Due to this, both Maltese citizens and foreigners wanting to launch professional careers or join established organizations would find Malta an attractive place to do so.

4. Excellent Aviation Infrastructure

Excellent Aviation Infrastructure Malta

Malta has a well-developed aviation infrastructure, including an airport with a modern terminal and several other airports. The country has an ideal location for the development of air transport services.

The country’s main airport is Malta International Airport (MIA), which is designed to accommodate all aircraft types, including small ones. The airport has two runways and can handle flights anytime during the day or at night. The airport has excellent facilities, including modern passenger terminals, air traffic control towers, and radar surveillance systems. The airport also offers a range of facilities such as restaurants, bars, shops, and car rental services.

5. Accelerated Tax Depreciation Rates

Malta’s accelerated tax depreciation rates are one of the main reasons many companies establish their operations here. Malta’s government has significantly encouraged investment in aviation infrastructure by providing accelerated tax depreciation rates. This means you can write off your aircraft as soon as it is bought rather than wait for it to become operational before claiming its depreciation benefits.

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6. Low Set-Up Costs for Air Agencies

Some of the world’s most seasoned and highly specialized aviation companies provide services in Malta. One of the primary factors contributing to the high number of airlines choosing Malta as their base of operations is the country’s inexpensive startup costs for the aviation industry. The government’s support for aviation has made this possible in large part.

Company registration in Malta has fairly affordable startup expenses for air agencies as compared to other countries. Costs associated with getting an Air Operator’s Certificate are also included (AOC). Any airline or air agency that wants to operate in Malta must do this.

7. Excellent Facilities for Private Aviation

Malta is one of the most attractive locations for private aviation in Europe. The island has excellent private aviation facilities that attract more tourists from abroad. These include new airports and heliports, which are being planned or built near or around existing airports. This way, they can be easily accessed by private aircraft operators. The country also has an extensive network of private airstrips that can be used by private planes.

8. Attractive Aircraft Import Incentives

Malta has several attractive benefits for aircraft owners and operators. It is the only European country to offer no import duty on importing civil aircraft into Malta.

Malta’s attractive import incentive scheme allows exporters to receive tax relief on purchasing new aircraft. This is if they are exported from Malta within five years after their purchase date. Income from owning, renting, or running an airplane or airplane engine is not taxed in Malta.

9. The Hospitality of the Maltese People

Malta is a country that has a very hospitable and friendly culture. The Maltese people are very generous and are always willing to help you with whatever you need. They are also accommodating and friendly, which makes it easy for visitors retiring in Malta to feel welcome in their country. The Maltese people have great humor, are very easygoing, and love to laugh.

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10. Ideal Climate

Malta is an ideal place to visit because it has a mild climate with no extremes of weather. The average temperature in Malta is around 25 degrees Celsius during the summer months, while it averages 22 degrees Celsius during the winter. The humidity level is lower than in most other countries due to low precipitation levels compared to other Mediterranean countries.

You can enjoy the sun all day long without worrying about rain or snow! The weather in Malta is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. The country has many beautiful beaches, making relaxing after work or school easy.


If you are looking for a country that can provide you with high-quality aviation services, Malta is a perfect choice. The Maltese aviation sector offers several benefits for Malta company registration. These benefits include a well-developed infrastructure, a pro-business environment, and a strategic location.

The Maltese government offers some incentives for companies operating in the aviation sector. These incentives make Malta an attractive destination for aviation companies looking to expand their operations. With a high level of professionalism and an excellent climate, many factors make Malta an ideal place for setting up an aviation company.


1. What Are the Benefits of Aviation Services in Malta?

Malta offers a number of benefits for aviation services, including a favorable taxation regime and a central location in the Mediterranean.

2. What Is Required to Register a Company in Malta?

To register a company in Malta, you must have a minimum of two shareholders, a company name, and a registered address. You must also provide the required documents and pay a registration fee.

3.  Are There Any Restrictions on Who Can Register a Company in Malta?

Malta company registration is open to anyone who wishes to set up a company in Malta, including foreigners. There are no restrictions on who can register a company in Malta.

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