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Tips To Attract Top Talent To Your Business

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There is a global talent shortage, and the best candidates are in demand. If you’re looking to expand your team, or you’re currently advertising vacancies, here are some tips to attract top talent to your business.

Competitive salaries

A huge salary may not be the number one priority for every candidate, but it’s important to make sure that your salaries are competitive. If you advertise roles at the same time as competitors, and other companies are paying more, you may find that the candidates you want to hire choose another employer. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and if you can’t stretch to a higher wage, add value for your employees through an improved benefits package.

Employee benefits

Many candidates will look at the salary when they’re browsing job listings or reading adverts, but this is not the only incentive that matters to them. Studies show that most employees consider benefits packages a driving factor when choosing which roles to accept. The most sought-after benefits include paid leave, flexible hours, family support, the option to work remotely or hybrid setups, health and dental care and access to wellness perks. If you are thinking about modifying your employee benefits package, it’s wise to speak to your employees and collect feedback and see what other companies offer. Your employees will be able to shed light on the benefits they would appreciate most. It’s important to tailor benefits to suit your team to attract the best candidates and maintain high employee retention rates.

Training and development

Development opportunities have become increasingly valuable for employees in recent years. Many people want to work for companies that encourage progression and provide opportunities to gain new skills and complete training programs or courses. Ambitious employees want to climb the ladder and get ahead. If you provide access to training, you encourage people to undertake further study and you offer the chance to progress within the company, this will help you keep hold of your best employees and attract new talent to your team. Look for reputable training providers, check websites for more details, read about us sections and use reviews and client testimonials to find suitable training companies. Speak to your employees about courses they would like to take and focus on programs that are relevant to your key business objectives.

Company culture and values

Over 75% of employees consider company culture before applying for a job and 89% of employees agree that it is important for a business to have a clear purpose. Your company ethos and values can set you apart from competitors and contribute to inclusive, supportive, healthy, vibrant workplaces. Promote your values, let candidates know what you stand for and turn words into actions.

Company culture and values attract top talent

Companies often have to beat competitors to attract the best candidates. There is a global talent shortage and this means that the top prospects are in demand. If you’re hiring, prioritize employee benefits, make sure the salary is competitive, offer access to development and training opportunities and showcase your values.

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