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Tips on Hiring Bodyguard Services

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At one time, the only people who had bodyguards were the elite. The most wealthy of people, because the world was not that dangerous and the majority of people were in no threat.

Today a much larger group of people need bodyguards. Bodyguards provide security services to the very wealthy, high-ranking public figures, entertainers and celebrities, business executives, people getting divorced from abusive relationships, and dignitaries visiting another country.

If you think you may need to hire a bodyguard, this guideline is designed to assist you with making the best choice for your needs.

What to Consider

The number one consideration you have is the reason why you wish to hire protective services. You must know that a bodyguard is not the same as a security guard or driver.

  • A security guard usually works in or around a building like a store.
  • A security driver protects you while traveling to and from a destination.
  • A bodyguard protects the individual. They are trained to be observant, assess the possibilities of danger, respond to any potential danger, and keep the client safe.

To determine what kind of protection you need and what skills you need for your bodyguard, consider the following questions.

  • Who or what needs protection
  • Where is the protection needed? Such as at home, work, traveling, or an event.
  • How many hours per day will you need the services?
  • Do you need the services indefinitely or for a limited time?
  • Will you be traveling, and will your guard need to travel with you?
  • Where is your biggest threat coming from?

Interviewing the Company or Individual

When you have decided on the type of security professional you need, you will be better able to interview your prospects. When asked these questions, the person or company representative should be able to answer without hesitation.

  • What experience do you have?
  • What is your policy on confidentiality?
  • What licenses do you hold?
  • Can you show me your security license?
  • Are you licensed to carry a firearm?
  • Do you carry a firearm?
  • Is your company insured?
  • What is your daily rate?
  • Can you provide references?

Interviewing the company for bodyguard security guard

How Much Will a Bodyguard Cost?

The cost of the individual or company does not indicate whether the person is the best or not. The inclusion of cost analysis is being done so you can prepare for how much you will have to pay.

The average bodyguard will cost between $60 and $100 dollars per hour. If you need only one guard at a time, around the clock, this cost range will be about $43,200 a month to $72,000 per month. Multiply that amount when you need two or more guards at one time.

In terms of annual cost, a single duty guard 24 hours a day will cost you about $518,000 to $864,000 a year.

The average agency has a minimum of 6 hours. That means if you need a guard for a short period of time for just one event or occasion you will have to pay for a minimum of 6 hours worth of service even if you only need them for 2 hours.

Long-term contracts usually work out with the guard making less per hour than they make for short-term ones.


You want a security guard that is registered with the state you live in. The states issue registrations based on specific criteria they expect a guard to meet.

Most states require a guard to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have never been charged with a felony
  • Have never been charged with a Class A or B misdemeanor
  • Has completed at least a Level II training program
  • Cannot be registered sex offenders
  • Must meet general fitness requirements
  • Cannot have been dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Must have a valid ID

Most do not like to be called a bodyguard

The majority of bodyguards would prefer for people to be called executive protection agents.

They say that the term bodyguard brings to mind an untrained, unskilled, oversized individual. The people who do work these types of security jobs are usually highly intelligent, skilled professionals. They take their job seriously and they do not like the negative ideas that the term bodyguard brings to mind.

The Helpfulness of the Bodyguard

These security professionals make the daily lives of their clients not only safer but more efficient.

Before these professionals go with a client to any location they learn where all of the exits to the location or venue are. If they take a client to a building they know where to park before they go. They know what entrance door to use and what floor their client needs to go to.

They do in-depth research to make sure that the trip to a location is mapped out and that they know what to expect along the route.

They want to know what medical conditions their clients have and what the closest route to a hospital is from the location they are at with the client. They prepare for every possible scenario so they are ready no matter what happens.

How Bodyguards feel about violence

The typical security executive agent feels that if they have to resort to violence like physically hitting or restraining someone then they have failed at their job.

They usually always carry firearms but the majority of them feel that if they have to draw or use their firearm they have failed at their duties.

To these professionals, it is important for them to prevent something from escalating to the point that they would need a weapon or to be violent to protect their clients.

The majority of the people in this line of work are quiet, mild-mannered, and soft-spoken. They are slow to anger and they remain calm when everything around them is going to Hell in a handbasket.

Final Thoughts

A bodyguard can be the person that stops you from being injured by another person. They can protect your valuable belongings when they are being transferred or moved from one location to another. They can provide you with a sense of security and keep you from being scared to live your life.

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