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TickTick Trader Review: A Must-Read For Aspiring Traders!

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If you’ve been searching for a trusted proprietary trading firm, then our TickTick Trader Review is for you! Founded in 2022, TickTick Trader offers amazing opportunities for traders. Let’s dive in!

What is TickTick Trading?

TickTick Trader, emerging as one of the best prop trading firms in the realm, is renowned for its futures trading services, catering to a diverse clientele. Established in February 2022, this company was the brainchild of founders with nearly two decades of experience in the trading sector, having begun their journey in 2004. Their extensive exposure to different trading environments illuminated the recurrent problems traders faced.

Primary among these issues was the glaring lack of transparency and the intricate, often hard-to-navigate rules that many trading firms imposed. Recognizing the need for change, the founders channeled their frustration into developing TickTick Trader, a dedicated platform tailored especially for futures traders. Aiming to redefine the future trading experience, TickTick Trader not only promises a logical, clear-cut platform but also positions itself as a trusted ally for traders, offering continuous support.

Another distinct feature is the absence of a minimum trading duration, and the platform even accommodates news trading, albeit with the condition that positions must be closed by 5 PM ET. TickTick Trader can be compared to other prop firms, such as Apex Trader Funding and Elite Trader Funding.

TickTick Trader Accounts

TickTick Trader, a notable proprietary trading firm, provides a diversified range of account types tailored for varying trading needs.

Evaluation Accounts

1. Account Sizes & Costs:

Traders can select between account sizes ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. Monthly fees for these accounts differ based on size, with charges ranging from $145 to $285.

2. Profit Sharing:

Initially, traders enjoy a 100% profit payout. Post the three-month mark, this shifts to a 90/10 profit split, where the trader retains 90% of the profit, and the firm gets 10%.

3. Software & Tools:

Supported platforms include Rithmic, NinjaTrader, and Jigsaw, which are provided without charge. The firm even supports integration with other preferred trading software, ensuring a customized trading experience.

4. Evaluation Metrics:

To successfully pass the evaluation phase, traders must meet set profit goals without exceeding the daily loss limit or trading more contracts than permitted.

With such a robust framework, TickTick Trader’s Evaluation Accounts serve as a testament to their commitment to aiding traders in achieving success.

Express Plan

1. Cost and Duration:

The Express account is priced at $99 and remains active for 15 calendar days.

2. Contract Limit:

Traders can engage in trades involving up to 14 contracts.

3. Profit & Drawdown:

The profit target and drawdown limits are equivalent to the Pro evaluation account.

4. No Daily Loss Limit:

One notable distinction from the Pro account is the absence of a daily loss limit.

5. Trading Instruments:

The approved instruments for trading align with products available on major exchanges like CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX.

6. Achieving the Goal:

Traders hitting the $6,000 profit target while abiding by the trading rules will qualify for a 100k Pro performance account. Moreover, their initial $99 subscription fee will be offset against the activation fee.

Express plan ticktick trader

Direct Accounts

The direct accounts permit traders to immediately begin trading, eliminating the traditional evaluation phases. Two distinct Direct Account plans are available:

  • 25K Plan: Priced at $349
  • 50K Plan: Priced at $699

These Direct Accounts offer several advantages:

  • No evaluation is required.
  • Data fees are included in the account pricing.
  • Offers the convenience of next-day withdrawals.
  • There’s no cap on the number of withdrawals.
  • Traders can earn profits up to 100% for the initial three months.

If you’re considering opting for one of these plans, we have a special offer for you. Use our TickTick Trader coupon code to avail exclusive discounts on your purchase. This is our way of ensuring you get the best deal as you embark on your trading journey.

Is TickTick Trader legit?

For traders aiming to maximize their profits, TickTick Trader offers a rewarding structure. Traders keep 100% of their profits for the first three months, and after this period, the profit split is an attractive 90/10 in favor of the trader. Importantly, there’s no minimum trade duration, but traders are required to meet profit targets based on their account size within specified drawdown limits.

TickTick Trader is not just about providing a platform for trading. It also focuses on fostering a community for traders. It offers platforms like TickTick Arcade for idea sharing and TickTick Contest for trading competitions, thereby promoting healthy competition and learning.

In an era where customer service can make or break a company, TickTick Trader has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its exceptional support. With 24/7 multilingual support and platforms that are logical and easy to navigate, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the futures trading industry.

The transparency in rules, emphasis on traders’ success, and innovative approaches make TickTick Trader stand out. With its flexible trading plans and commitment to helping clients achieve their objectives, the firm is definitely worth considering for those aiming for financial independence through trading futures. Additionally, for those interested in exploring the platform’s offerings, using the TickTick Trader coupon code provides you with a set of benefits.

TickTick Trader Review: Final Thoughts

TickTick Trader is not merely a trading platform but a comprehensive ecosystem for aspiring and seasoned traders alike. Anyone aiming to navigate the futures market should give this platform serious consideration.

For those eager to make a mark in the futures market and experience this revolutionary platform firsthand, don’t hesitate to dive in and explore what TickTick Trader has to offer. Your trading future awaits!

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